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  1. Who would drink who under the table?
  2. Should there be some sort of "Cosmic Avengers"?
  3. Should the Vision return???
  4. Most powerful single attack?
  5. If Jack(The King) Kirby lived today
  6. How do you think Secret Invasion will end??
  7. What Marvel character do you most identify with?
  8. So what titles could work as MAX titles?
  9. Does Iron Man Deserve?
  10. Which mutant is the oldest mutant in the Marvel Universe?
  11. Who Do You Consider the TOP FIVE Major X-Men Villains?
  12. What if you've decided to play Kick-Ass real life?
  13. What if Superman came to Marvel???
  14. batman vs elektra
  15. Iron Fist vs Batman
  16. Cosmic Cube....
  17. apocalypse vs. archangel
  18. What crossovers could work?
  19. Marvel..Should they or shouldnt they
  20. Could Thors Hammer break Captain Americas shield?
  21. Should Daredevil be more involved in the rest of the MU?
  22. YOUR Frightful Four!
  24. Who can be Thor???
  25. How Smart is Superman?
  26. Have you ever been through comic book withdraw
  27. Who do you believe is the best knock off of another Marvel Character?
  28. Is Iron Man starting to get Overexposed
  29. What was your favorite Cover Gimmick to grace a Marvel book?
  30. Marvel Teams That Should Have On-Going Series
  31. Boring Heroes
  32. Top Ten Greatest Ironman Foes?
  33. How would you make Superman less boring
  34. Who has the worst origin in DC?
  35. Would you consider the Hulk a hero
  36. The Skrulls vs. DC's Martian Race
  37. Arkham Asylum?
  38. Do you wear Comic Book T-shirts
  39. Bane and Hush
  40. Evil Villians
  41. The Biggest Noteworthy Event in Comics
  42. Do you Dream of comics at night
  44. Who would be the best mutant to join the X-men
  45. Vigilantes or Heroes
  46. Doomsday vs The Hulk
  47. Thor vs Superman's Rogues Gallery
  48. Batman VS Iron Man
  49. What's most important in a comic arc ending?
  50. One Marvel Character that deserves a series
  51. Should the Villians Win for a change???
  52. Would you read a series of novels based the runs of marvel titles?
  53. What problems should a superhero have to make him/her more relatable?
  54. The Comics forum vs. The What If? forum
  55. What If ... It was all real....
  56. Writing VS Art & Trades VS Single Issues
  58. Of all the new X-Men that were created which ones will last?
  59. Can Lois Lane have superman's baby?
  60. Iron Man vs Forge
  61. Would you like to see the Original Avengers back
  62. Your Pick of the best Rivalries in Comics
  63. Batman smarter than Luthor?
  64. What if Batman was evil, who could stop him?
  65. Which fight would you pay most to see?
  66. Does Iron Man need a more Dominant Villian in the MU
  67. Is Wolverine an alcoholic?
  68. Why Batman Shouldn't Win Very Many What-Ifs.
  69. What Heroes and Villians in the Marvel and Dc Universe
  70. How would you undo OMD/BND?
  71. Your Marvel fav's Greatest Triumphs/tragedies
  72. Would be able to dent Captain Americas Shield?
  73. Who Would You Have Chose for the Mighty Avengers?
  74. Can superheroes be sued?
  75. Origins of Superheroes and Villians
  76. When Cap comes back should he have a power upgrade???
  77. If Batman dies?????
  78. Who should be Magneto's Heir?
  79. Name that Comic
  80. What Hero would you turn into a bad ass
  81. Daredevil vs Green Lantern
  82. Young Avengers vs Teen Titans
  83. Lover's Quarrel
  84. Which HEADQUARTERS/LAIR would you want??
  85. unicron vs galactus
  86. Taskmaster vs. Deathstroke the Terminator
  87. How would you make a comic movie?
  88. If you lead a double-life as a Marvel superhero,who would you most want to be ?
  89. Ares vs. Hercules
  90. mockingbird vs huntress
  91. Best Hulk Fight????????
  92. What would the Spidey comics be like if Ben Reilly was still around?
  93. Best Batman fight
  94. What if you had the power to...
  95. What If...Marvel Created Batman?
  96. Flash Rogues vs. Iron man rogues
  97. who has the better battle suit: ironman or dr.doom?
  98. Your Ultimate Masters of Evil
  99. Worst Superpowers ever
  100. Which team would you rather join?
  101. 10 people you think who are worthy enough to weild Mjolnir
  102. A.I.M vs H.I.V.E
  103. Barry Allen V Wally West
  104. Thor VS Silver Surfer
  105. Green Arrow & Black Canary Vs. Daredevil & Elektra
  106. Mangog vs. Destroyer
  107. Superman Fans vs. Thor Fans?
  108. WonderMan vs Black Adam
  109. Sunfire v Human Torch
  110. Cyclops v Hawkeye
  111. Magneto v Dr Doom
  112. White Queen v Jean Grey
  113. NightCrawler v Black Panther
  114. Winter Solider v Nightwing
  115. Spider-Man v Aquaman
  116. Ice-Man V Mr Fantastic
  117. Dazzler v Medusa
  118. Sebastian Shaw v The Thing
  119. Iron Man Vs X-O Manowar
  121. Ms. Marvel/Mockingbird vs. PowerGirl/Huntress
  122. Which Avenger could be a member of the JLA
  123. Which JLA member would be a Avenger
  124. Thor vs. Iron Man round 2
  125. Adam Warlock vs. Superman
  126. If A Superhero Killed The Punisher...
  127. Killing Wolverine via Suffocation??
  128. Silver Surfer....why a "Surfer"??
  129. Superman vs Wolverine
  130. Deathstroke vs Deadpool
  131. Killer Croc vs The Beast
  132. Could the Justice League stop the first coming of Galactus?
  133. Black Adam vs the XMen
  134. If you lived in the marvel universe
  135. best feats of strengh from hulk
  136. Parasite vs Absorbing Man
  137. Strongest Eye thingy!!...
  138. Bullseye vs Deadshot
  139. Green Lantern vs Black Bolt
  140. Top Ten Most Desirable SuperPowers
  141. Medusa's hair control.....
  142. Superman VS Green Lantern
  143. Sandman vs Clayface
  144. Most Brutal Hulk Punch Ever!!!
  145. Who would GL's ring choose to be sector 2814's protector...
  146. Genis-Vell vs. Sinestro
  147. Hero or villain?
  148. SpiderWoman vs Black Canary
  149. What if Bruce Wayne's parents weren't killed
  150. Sherlock Holmes vs The Batman
  151. How about Lara Croft VS Indiana Jones?
  152. Which character would you like to see get killed off?
  153. What if the Ultimate Universe Became the Only Marvel Universe?
  154. Lady Liberators
  155. Nightwing vs Bullseye
  156. The Vision vs Braniac
  157. Hulkbuster picked up the Thor's Mjolnir
  158. Captain America & Daredevil v Batman & Nightwing
  159. Ever wished for your own Iron Man armor?
  160. Bruce Wayne VS Tony Stark
  161. Destroyer vs Superboy Prime
  162. Beta Ray Bill vs Wonder Woman
  163. Who would you send to kill Batman?
  164. Jessica Alba VS Jessica Biel
  165. Pyro Vs Iceman
  166. Hulk vs Destroyer... clash of the titans!
  167. Superman vs Gladiator (Shi'ar)
  168. Voltron vs Optimus Prime
  169. Black Cat vs Catwoman!
  170. Batman vs Doctor Octopus
  171. Venom vs Nightwing
  172. Venom vs Batman
  173. batman vs thanos
  174. aunt may vs jarvis
  175. googam vs gorgilla
  176. Omega Red Vs Juggernaut
  177. Bullseye vs. The Punisher!
  178. Robin (Tim Drake) vs X-23
  179. Black Adam Vs Thor
  180. Spiderman vs Daredevil!
  181. Characters VS the Sun
  182. Mary Marvel versus Ms. Marvel
  183. Superman vs The Sentry
  184. The Juggernaut vs. The Blob!
  185. Last One Standing?
  186. Spawn Vs Hulk
  187. Who Would You Send To Kill The Juggernaut?
  188. The I Wish Thread
  189. A supervillian SHOULD rule the world
  190. Basis for discussion?
  191. Drinking Contest: Thor vs Hercules
  192. Hawkeye vs Daredevil and The Lizard vs The Beast
  193. Reporter Battle: Jimmy Olsen vs. Eddie Brock!
  194. Why Does Super Strength = Super Size??
  195. If Spectre were in the Marvel Universe...
  196. Things Black Bolt wouldn't say.
  197. Things superman would never say to Lois
  198. Can Juggernaut Move Thor's Hammer?
  199. Things you would never say on another comic book forum
  200. Bullseye or Kingpin????
  201. What Superhero would make a great Villian?
  202. Things Peter Parker would never say to Aunt May
  203. Things that should never be said to a MOD
  204. Things you would like to say to Joe q. at a bar
  205. juggernaut vs mickey mouse
  206. Which Power Ring would come to you?
  207. Uncanny X-Men vs Doomsday
  208. What If Batman Took The Super serum?
  209. hellboy vs kevin matchstick
  210. Dr. Strange v Mandarin
  211. Ravager vs X23
  212. Doctor Doom vs Doctor Fate
  213. Doctor Doom vs. Darth Vader
  214. Superman vs. Goku
  215. Things the Hulk would never say to the guys at Statue forum
  216. Juggernaut vs Silver Surfer
  217. Atom Ant vs Mighty Mouse
  218. Old School VS. New School
  219. Destroyer vs Juggernaut
  220. the blob vs all you can eat vegas buffett
  221. JLA vs legion of super heroes
  222. Marvel beings stronger than Galactus.....
  223. The Silver Samurai vs. The Black Knight!
  224. The Destroyer vs. The Gladiator!
  226. Two Face Vs Jigsaw
  227. Odin vs. Darkseid
  228. Gambit vs. Beast
  229. What Villain Could Do The Most Damage In The Other Universe?
  230. SPAWN leaves the Image Universe....should he go Marvel or DC?
  231. Hulk vs Hulkbuster Ironman
  232. Wonderman vs. Colossus!
  233. Iron Man Designs Armor for Hulk to Wear
  234. What If the Scarlet Witch Was A Skrull?
  235. Thor VS Nefaria/Superman according to John Byrne
  236. How about Bizzaros in the Marvel Universe
  237. Where do you see Spider-Man and Batman in ten years and why?
  238. What would you like to see Jack (The King) Kirby
  239. If there was a storyline you could delete from a character's history...
  240. What If?
  241. Escape from Doom!
  242. Batman Vs Bullseye
  243. Moon Knight vs Sabretooth!
  244. apocalypse vs dr.doom
  245. who would you send to defeat
  246. groo vs cerebus
  247. Magneto vs Plastic Man
  248. Human Torch vs Doc Samson
  249. Robin (Tim Drake) vs The Punisher
  250. Black Panther vs The Vision