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  1. DC Direct; The ATOM
  2. New Wonder Woman Statue Question
  3. Superboy / Krypto
  4. Batman Black & White Mini Statues
  5. Vertigo Busts
  6. Does anyone have pictures of the Wonder Woman statue designed by Hughes
  7. Did anyone get any of the JL or Teen Titans paperweights?
  8. Superman & Batman deluxe bookends
  9. Superman statue
  10. Batman Jim Lee statue
  11. superman reborn
  12. Jim Lee Superman bronze
  13. I've got an ebay woe..
  14. JLA and JSA bookends
  15. JLA Green Lantern John Stewert Maquette...
  16. DC Direct to award a commission ....
  17. Batman Koto Statue
  18. Flash V Gorilla Grodd statue
  19. The Batman: The Batman Maquette
  20. Superman- Maquette (Reference Model) Cartoon
  21. Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Statue by Tim Bruckner
  22. NEW Black & White by Mignola
  23. SuperMan over Daily Planet
  24. Winners of the DC Direct Sculpt contest!
  25. Identity Crisis Action Figures series 2. Turner inspired...
  26. Will DC Direct release a Darkseid statue?
  27. DC Directs chink..????
  28. Nice Batman Sculpt (is this the Japanese company?)
  29. Anyone have the Alex Ross MARTIAN MANHUNTER?
  30. A problem with Earth-2 Superman...
  31. Winners of the DC Direct contest part II
  32. How much broken Starfire??
  33. Hawkman statue
  34. Anyone know were i may...
  35. Urgent query!
  36. Anyone need pics of any DC Direct BB stuff?
  37. My first DC Direct Statue ...........
  38. Thoughts on Flash/Grodd Statue
  39. Superman Cover to cover
  40. Green Arrow mini statue grail.
  41. Is there a chance for a Jason Todd Statue
  42. Upcoming B&W statue by Steve Rude??
  43. Question about 1997 Superman Maquette
  44. Presents The Cartoon Network Collection
  45. Justice League,Teen Tiatan paperweights
  46. DC Direct Lobo
  47. Full Size Kingdom Come Painted
  48. Power Girl
  49. New Teen Titans (Perez)
  50. Batman Black And White by Tim Sale
  51. My luck is returning.....STARFIRE
  52. We need more and better DC stuff
  53. Just announced
  54. Batman Black and White Mike Mignola version by Jonathan Matthews
  55. If only the feedback was better.
  56. Yound DC heros
  57. Question about the Bruckner Classic Aquaman
  58. Question about the Martian Manhunter statue
  59. Ed McGuineas Statue
  60. Wonder women, who getting it.
  61. Batman Wall Gargoyle Statue
  62. Catwoman bust
  63. Anyone have the Catwoman Movie Maquette Statue?
  64. I like it in spite of it..
  65. Does anyone have the Constantine statue?
  66. Gashapon "Who's who mystery box"
  67. Batman Black and White by Brian Bolland
  68. I am trying to find the Green arrow
  69. DC needs some fresh thinking.
  70. Anyone have a lead on an Aquaman Statue...
  71. Black Canary Maquette?
  72. Kingdom Come Alex Ross Statues
  73. Batman by Willian Paquet/Scott McDaniel coming?
  74. Info about mini statue Superman Jim Lee
  75. Will Eisners Spirit Statue
  76. what a steal!!
  77. a little help on quality of dc statues
  78. DCD Deluxe Shazam! statue
  79. Black Canary maquette?
  80. Mini Jim Lee Superman
  81. DC Direct Shipping update
  82. anyone have the wonder woman huhges statue
  83. Superman Snowglobe
  84. Finally...Aquaman
  85. Jim Lee minis ???
  86. Teen Titans Maquettes
  87. Batman Begins Mask miniature Prop
  88. Villains
  89. Anyone seen this BATGIRL bust?
  90. Tim Bruckner Interview
  91. Does anyone have the Darkseid statue? Pics wanted!
  92. Finally... Black Canary!
  93. in need of paquet darkknightstrikesagain pics
  94. Animated Batman and Superman 12" Busts from WBSS??
  95. Is it ok to have both Full size and Mini?
  96. Batman Black and White Risso
  97. Women of The DC Universe
  98. Michael Turner style Darkseid
  99. Ridiculous DC Direct Bust Omissions...
  100. New DC Direct for July 2006
  101. Kingdom Come Shazam Statue
  102. dc direct supergirl statue
  103. Dr. Fate - Helmet of Nabu Replica
  104. Wonder Woman Mini Statue
  105. Any one ever see the Green Lantern power batteries?
  106. I got hired by DC Direct
  107. Batman #38 statue
  108. Hawkgirl Mini Bust
  109. Updates Please!!! ...
  110. My newest project for DC Direct!!!
  111. When did this Superman statue get so popular?
  112. DC Direct List
  113. Question about the "new" Flash/Grodd Statue
  114. Batman Black & White Mini-Statues
  115. Flash Statue?
  116. Identify this Superman....
  117. Superman: Black & White?
  118. Have you seen this Bat stat?
  119. I just got fired by Dc Direct
  120. Honestly..would you buy Dc Gashapons if...
  121. ALL-star Batman And Robin statue
  122. New DC Direct from January Previews
  123. The Spirit Statue
  124. Batman Utility belt..
  125. Which's the "best" Superman statue?
  126. Question on Batman Hush Statue??
  127. HOO-AH! Just got my Jim Lee Superman FS!
  128. Samurai Jack Maquette
  129. Where can I get this Superman bust?
  130. Looking for maquettes
  131. Joe Kubert: Batman Black And White Statue
  132. Batman The Long Halloween Series 1
  133. Did anyone get the 13 inch Collector Superman?
  134. I got hired by DC Direct
  135. Sorry, do not mean to be redundant!
  136. Batman Black and White Sculpts
  137. Pics of the Supergirl Bust are up!
  138. Infinite Crisis Figures
  139. NEW Wonder Woman & Serpent Mini
  140. NEW Shazam & Black Adam Action Figures
  141. Ywo-face 13" collectors figure
  143. DCD if you are reading
  144. The Little Endless Statue Set
  145. Batgirl Statue..
  146. Wow! Risso Batman Black and White rising in value
  147. Joe Kubert Batman B&W Statue
  148. Women of the DC Universe Wonder Woman Bust
  149. Superman Cover #1 statue
  150. DC Who's Who bust Poll Grp 0 (Abel to Amazing Man)
  151. Anyone have the Hal Jordan Locker room statue/
  152. DC Who's Who Bust Poll Grp 1 (Abel to Amazo)
  153. Question on Wonder Woman statue
  154. I finally got a Samurai Jack Maquette!!!!!
  155. What do you want to see at Toy Fair?
  156. DC Direct Superman Returns Stuff!
  157. Women Of The Dc Universe Busts
  158. Superman snow globe enquiry
  159. Should I sell it?
  160. 1/4 "Museum Quality" Superman picture from Toy Fair
  161. 13" Collectors Figures pic...including a new Batman
  162. Harley Quinn mini bust!!!
  163. NEW Kelley Jones Batman B&W
  164. Kelley Jones Batman B/W Wax
  165. Question about the DC direct supergirl fs by gary frank
  166. Poison Ivy f/ Batman Animated
  167. The Main Man statue.
  168. New DC Direct solicits
  169. Batman Dark Knight Statue question
  170. My DC Direct project is at TOY FAIR!
  171. SUPERMAN - My DC Direct project at TOY FAIR 2006
  172. SUPERMAN - My WAX sculpture for Dc Direct - lots of pics
  173. 'Definitve' Pieces - Whats yours??
  174. Death of Supergirl Statue Crisis on Infinite Earths
  175. JLA & WB WALL Plaques?? Anyone...anyone?
  176. DC Who's Who Busts Grp 2 (Ambush Bug to Arion)
  177. Is Dc now open to giving licenses..Weta
  178. Sandman Little Endless Set
  179. Batman Clock Tower (Paquet) What is with the clock?
  180. Question regarding Superman # 14 mini-statue
  181. Awsome 14" Superman Statue on the Bay
  182. William Pacquet is here! Wowza!
  183. dc direct and todd mcfarlane
  184. SPAWN FS STATUE by DC Direct!
  185. Superman Delux statue
  186. What's up with DC first WETA now MCFARLANE??
  187. What's the consensus opinion of the Jim Lee Catwoman Statue?
  188. Batman Utility Belt
  189. how about some statues from L.O.S.H. please
  190. Women of the DC Universe Poison Ivy Bust
  191. Does DC care?
  192. Women of the DC Universe Busts??
  193. the legion of super heroes is about to explode
  194. DC Direct Stuff on comicstatues.com
  195. DC Who's Who Busts Grp 3 (Atom to Babe)
  196. Is DC crazy or what?
  197. Superman Cover # 53 Statue
  198. 60's Batman & Robin Animation Statues
  199. Any interest in the "real" Nightwing?
  200. Superman Returns Weta Hi Res Pics
  201. Bruce Timm Signed maquette
  202. Dc Direct just sent me a bunch of stuff!!!
  203. Any idea where I can locate these older DC statues?
  204. 1/4 scale Superman
  205. Woman of DC busts
  206. Samurai Jack on Horse Statue
  207. name your Batman Black and White
  208. Jim Lee Huntress statue
  209. Aquaman
  210. Nightwing Statue based on Jim lee design
  211. Just Recieved My Utility Belt Replica...
  212. Silver Age Batman and Robin Statue
  213. The Batman Bronze bust Matsuda
  214. Batman Clock Tower Concept ART
  215. DC Who's Who characters poll grp 4 (Ares to Captain Atom)
  216. Catwoman Pinup Statue
  217. My new Animated Batman Statue
  218. V for Vendetta mask
  219. Constantine shotgun
  220. Batman Black & White Statue Series: Mike Mignola
  221. Samurai Jack on Horse Statue
  222. WaHHOOO!!!!!!!
  223. The New Aquaman
  224. DCD!!! We need INFINITE CRISIS mbs damn you!!!
  225. Batman B&W Kelley Jones
  226. Would U buy a 15 FS Batman Ray Villafane/Kelley Jones sculpt for $200?
  227. A Message to DC Direct
  228. FS jim lee catwomen ?
  229. Jim Lee Superman
  230. new DC asian imports
  231. New Lobo statue
  233. Batman Black and White Jim lee
  234. Women of the DCU busts - Catwoman
  235. SNOWGLOBE: Bubble or no bubble?
  236. Plastic Man
  237. mr nebula statue?
  238. booster gold. thx for the toy. how about more stuff
  239. Doomsday Statue
  240. DC Full sized statues!!!!
  241. For DCD 'big guns' to READ!!!!
  242. The truth behind the Atom statue!!!!!!
  243. Flash fans gotta see this!!
  244. Batman Black and White Paul Pope
  245. Power Girl WoDCU Mini Bust
  246. Superman cover to cover #1
  247. We need some topics in here and fast!!!!
  248. Best and Worst Batman B&W
  249. Wonder woman bust...
  250. Is Warner Bros. to blame for DC Direct's lackluster efforts?