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  1. Garage Kits anyone?
  2. What About Arh Statues In Brazil?
  3. Sculptor Showcase
  4. Collector's turned sculptor's? Thanks Villafane & Zkulptor
  5. customizer wanted
  6. Spider-Woman anyone?
  7. Marvels Stingray reference material help
  8. Should we send Rick and Danno to China to Paint Bowen stuff
  9. Statues or Kits I want to see made
  10. saw this one the brothers site what u think of this batman
  11. How to fix a statue??
  13. Comission Pieces - Sculptors
  14. What can I use to remove paint spots on statues?
  15. In need of some good art for a sculpture
  16. Hey Sculpey sculptors!
  17. Reference Pics
  18. Bullseye - Have any of you sculpters attempted him yet
  19. Anybody want some WIPs?
  20. Armature preference
  21. Chroming -
  22. since bowen forum is down: need cleaning sugestions
  23. Sculptor Websites
  24. young jedi
  25. Who is Mota Hata
  26. Need painting advice
  27. Ray Villafane should we be?
  28. You amazing sculptors
  29. To buy Castilene
  30. Airbrush Hook Up
  31. DCU mini-bust line continues with ... The Question
  32. Question for Sculptors
  33. What does Wip stand for?
  34. Tools of the trade
  35. Werewolf colored sculpey Tutorial
  36. Professional Build and Paint Services?
  37. Bullseye: still waiting for pics...
  38. Quick question for Eydylhands
  39. Ok Kd you've had it easy where is the work
  40. Martin Canale (talks Wolverine v Sabretooth)
  41. Good brushes to smooth SS, Castilene, etc?
  42. Question for other sculptors here.
  43. New at this game, a few questions.....
  44. paintmasters! i need some advice on airbrushes
  45. HELP !!! Please somebody tell me what machine is that...
  46. Casters: Where, when, how, who, and sometimes why?
  47. Black Paint for Black Panther?
  48. I need alot of Sculptor Advice...
  49. Difference Between.....
  50. So who here can repair like new?!
  51. Castilene Questions
  52. Wanted: Sculptors, Modellers, Painters
  53. S.Sculpey with Fimo or S.Sculpey with S III?
  54. How to make an armature...please???
  55. Where can I get the Titan bust
  56. "How To" DVDs/Vids For Sculpting?
  57. Waaah! I hate to repaint it but...
  58. Mighty Mouse mini-maquette
  59. How to make capes?
  60. Paint repair Q
  61. Repainting a crappy paint job
  62. How do you repair a crack?
  63. Question re: body proportions
  64. how do cast casteline
  65. Tool question
  66. Rogue Model
  67. series baking...why?
  68. Figure balancing...???
  69. Gloves or not? Fingerprints!
  70. Midwest clays Grey SS
  71. Can you cook sculpey on resin?
  72. scale guns?
  73. Beginner questions
  74. How to cut thick wire armature?
  75. can anyone fix these
  76. So where's the 'Big Ass Casting Tutorial'
  77. Drodfest
  78. How Do They Sculpt So TINY???? Bottle Cap Figurines..
  79. Yo fellas... Aves or Magicsculpt
  80. Newbie question - Baking
  81. I feel like an idiot for asking, but...
  82. Where can I get casteline?
  83. Hooked...
  84. Lower Torso
  85. Batman sculpt... what do you think
  86. Soft, Medium or Hard?
  87. Full size or bust?
  88. Im now 80% ready to start, only two questions left.
  89. new member, need some feedback
  90. glue in the armature??..why?
  91. what aluminum wire should i pick?
  92. where on LI can you get castilene
  93. 2 questions: dust and little crap gets into my sculpts, making perfect geomtric shape
  94. compressors working pressure??
  95. Castilene Armitures
  96. Need to buy an aibrush, quick help needed.
  97. Statue tweaking advice needed?
  98. New Mold Material.
  99. Military Figures
  100. I have a repair question.
  101. Scale?
  102. Star Wars kit question?
  103. How Does One Go About A Private Commission?
  104. Spider-Carnage Customizing Wanted
  105. Getting Gray Sculpting Compound in UK
  106. noob help need good head tutorial
  107. Exposed Armature
  108. Resin properties???
  109. 1/6 or 1/3 Wolf Statue
  110. Fixing A Broken Mini Bust
  111. Savage Dragon to Hulk Bust conversion - Advise please?
  112. 3D sculpting/modeling software? Advise please?
  113. Dremel Tool kit: Uses?
  114. how tall
  115. Baking SS/Premo or SIII...
  116. Aluminum/Galvanized wire
  117. Wolverine question
  118. References?
  119. Question about recommendations
  120. Preferred sculpting media and why??
  121. Castilene OVER Roma plastilina???
  122. I need some advices about using hair dryer!
  123. Lava Lamp base for heating Castilene?
  124. Help with book title
  125. Question on broken statue?
  126. super sculpey help
  127. Need some help with casting...
  128. Repairing 'Mouth Of Sauron'-bust
  129. Fixing FF Invisible Woman transparent base
  130. Where to buy Castilene in the UK?
  131. Where To Buy Display Carousels?
  132. how to...
  133. Help please!
  134. Sculpting Fins
  135. Please help me,from Spain,thanks
  136. Absorbing Man Kit
  137. sculpting with castilene and bases
  138. what glue ?
  139. Please help with Scale!!!
  140. Help sculpting chain mail
  141. Digital Cameras Recommendations
  142. Can you bake wood under clay
  143. armature stands?
  144. What grain of sand paper to use on Sculpty?
  145. Any Sculptors willing?
  146. Commission rates
  147. Any good books on sculpting?
  148. Whats the difference between apoxie sculpt and apoxie clay?
  149. I have a stupid ???
  150. best dvd?
  151. Do you guys sculpt your bases, leave it as wood, or lay a layer of clay on it?
  152. wax lips
  153. Molding/Casting
  154. Need help with super sculpty smoothing
  155. super sculpey question?
  156. Securing the armature to a base with screws?
  157. is there any sculpting schools
  158. Getting started
  159. Where to go...?
  160. Alcohol Torch questions
  161. skinrite/moldrite
  162. casting into kits HOWHOWHOW????
  163. Old Tutorials
  164. question about mold building medium
  165. Spheres/balls -- where to get them?
  166. Variations in Castilene quality?
  167. is there any other wax besides...
  168. best tools for sculpting, and why, where, what, how, when
  169. 5th sense???
  170. broken super sculpey
  171. Looking for sculptor!, For making my char design..
  172. Flat rods where do you get them?
  173. Purchasing Castaline
  174. anyone got a good tut on veins?
  175. Need Help With Broken Ss Sculpt
  176. Cleary's lizard
  177. Can you sculpt onto a cast?
  178. Does epoxy shrink?
  179. noob here need help
  180. baking larger super sculpey sculptur
  181. bronzing my sculptures?
  182. Any tips for sculpting body hair?
  183. large bat-like wings
  184. Costume sculpting question
  185. Anyone here try pro sculpt clay?
  186. 1/4th and 1/3rd scales in inches...
  187. After sanding your SS sculpture?
  188. Statue repair question
  189. Removing paint from paint
  190. Sanding SS with steel wool?
  191. Question?
  192. question about baking
  193. Cleaning Oil Stain
  194. Caster Help
  195. Help with machinary sculpting
  196. to start
  197. Can you cast Sculpty?
  198. Help with newb casting
  199. What's the best way to...
  200. solvent on baked sculpey
  201. Need help with keying before casting a kit
  202. rust on homemade chain
  203. Converting a mini bust into full size?
  204. looking for an alcohol torch if that is what it is called?
  205. best way to add a cape onto a vinyl kit
  206. toy studio looking for sculptors
  207. help with assembling kits
  208. ooze from epoxy putty??
  209. Why transfer to Wax?
  210. HELP with Broken Thor Wings
  211. Is there anything worse... ?
  212. Commission pieces.
  213. Multiple characters from one Sculpt?
  214. Best place to buy Super Sculpey Firm?
  215. Newb Sculpter
  216. Newbie Looking for Scultp Info
  217. Moulds for masks?
  218. Just Curious
  219. A question/ request for Sculptors
  220. Is their anyway to fix a bad batch of Castillene ?
  221. Advice needed please
  222. Hey William P....
  223. Baking Super Sculpey to achieve proper hardness
  224. Hey KDAWG!!!!!!!!!
  225. Keying for kits and armature
  226. Azbro wax sculpting pen help ...
  227. Working on my first paint up....
  228. Garage Kit info HUNT
  229. looking for a sculptor
  230. What medium to you work with?
  231. Glue Removal
  232. mech creation questions...
  233. Newbie questions (again!)
  234. Need advice on sculpting capes
  235. Vinyl Casting: Anyone here do it?
  236. need some head tutorials
  237. Rooting Eyelashes
  238. Sculpting Hair
  239. silicone casting
  240. clays
  241. adding clay
  242. people who can help me?
  243. Sculpting Muscular Detail Help
  244. dvd's for sculpting,airbrushing,kit building and more...
  245. Waste Mold Tutorial
  246. needsome hand tutorials mostley fists
  247. S. Sculpey vs FIMO
  248. Grey SS turning brown when baking?
  249. Hi guys
  250. Scale weapons