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  1. When movies come close to the book.
  2. Chuck Norris vs.......
  3. dragonlance novels
  4. CNN reports Sasquatch on Mars
  5. New Batteries last 10x longer
  6. Xbox-obsessed father convicted of child's death
  7. Conan the Phenomenon
  8. Microsoft offers $44.6B for Yahoo
  9. Finnish patient gets new jaw from own stem cells
  10. 3 killed during superbowl
  11. Vick can keep $16.25M in bonuses
  12. impressive spammers
  13. Hulk Visionaries: Peter David - Volume 5
  14. Deputy Dumps Quadriplegic Man From Wheelchair
  15. Crazy Hong Kong Scandal
  16. Steve Gerber passed away.
  17. ebay boycott...
  18. Unlimited calling prompts Cell Phone War
  19. Age of TV Heroes
  20. The News, The Media, The Economy?
  21. Jeff Healy dies at 41
  22. being pretty is a curse
  23. Gary Gygax creator of Dungeons and Dragons dead at 69
  24. The real life Curt Connors!
  25. Indiana declaring war on books
  26. Highway shootings in Virginia
  27. Paper Airplanes in Space!
  28. Tunnels
  29. Man jumps from space
  30. Charlton Heston has died
  31. Dungeons and Dragons Article
  32. Whats everyone reading
  33. Judge sentences Wesley Snipes to 3 years
  34. Austrian Man Keeps Daughter Imprisoned For 24 Years Fathers 7 Children With Her
  35. And we think gas prices are bad here......
  36. Babies Thrown Off 50ft Tower For Good Luck
  37. Driver kills dog, then sues owners for damage
  38. If you think YOU have a rare statue ...
  39. 'Darth Vader' spared jail in Jedi church attacks
  40. Jury orders Nintendo to pay gaming company Anascape $21M
  41. Calif. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage ban
  42. The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones
  43. In case you missed it, we're landing on Mars Sunday.
  44. 4-day Work Week to save on gas
  45. For you Frank Kozik fans
  46. Japan welcoming tourists! Get your tickets now!
  47. recommend some good vampire books please
  48. Uncontacted Tribes discovered
  49. Damn people.. I tell ya!
  50. Network News Anchor(s) Elimination Game
  51. Convicted steroids dealer who supplied names found dead in home
  52. NBC's Meet the Press Tim Russert dead at 58
  53. Puppy-throwing Marine is removed from Corps
  54. R. Kelly found not guilty in child-porn case
  55. Union Station Massacre 75th Anniversary
  56. Let's hope this "Orphan Rights Bill" doesn't pass!
  57. Manson follower Atkins may go free
  58. Offshore oil drilling opponents are rethinking
  59. Naomi Campbell gets 200 hours for 'air rage'
  60. George Carlin dead at 71
  61. Anbody read Ted dekker?
  62. Astronomers on verge of finding Earth's twin
  63. Mini-me is mega-stupid
  64. Anyone heard of this Super Collider?
  65. SG1 - Don S. Davis Dead
  66. While we're on the subject of prople not giving a crap
  67. Hello,anybody out there?
  68. High Fidelity
  69. Husband killed in bizarre couch incident
  70. What do you think about the Pickens Plan?
  71. Favorite Sci-Fi, Fantasy pbk. Covers
  72. Comedian Andy D!ck looks like the Joker
  73. Fuel Cell cars still 15 years away.
  74. For a f'kn phone?
  75. Saudi Arabian 4th grade textbooks
  76. Any HISTORY readers?
  77. 5 year old bails on daycare to go to Hooters.
  78. FCC Finally Approves XM Sirius Satellite Radio Merger
  79. What are you reading to your KIDS?
  80. Aliens are real!
  81. Who is taking their kids to Star Wars Clone Wars all dressed up??
  82. When to buy...?
  83. NYT article on trolling.
  84. Greyhound Bus Murder
  85. Woman caught on tape abusing puppy
  86. Web usage fees coming?
  87. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  88. Crazy Greek murder
  89. Morgan Freeman in "serious" accident
  90. Too Fat to Execute?
  91. Redneck Mansion
  92. Internet on airplanes
  93. Woman has her dead dog cloned into five puppies
  94. Monkey business causes traffic delays
  95. So very lonely
  96. RIP Bernie Mac
  97. RIP Isaac Hayes
  98. Joining the ranks of the Klingons and Romulans.
  99. China Banned Child From Performing
  100. Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" to be movie?
  101. Is Lt. Commander Data next?
  102. 'beer goggles' are real
  103. Kids today...
  104. Just read the last Dark Tower book and..
  105. Mans best friend.. dog saves abandoned baby
  106. FBI investigates plot to assassinate Obama
  107. German swimmer beat Phelps!
  108. Death in Trenton, NJ
  109. Dilbert
  110. Exoskeleton suit helps paralyzed people walk
  111. Sony Reader
  112. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  113. Peanuts collection
  114. Anyone have the Don Martin collection?
  115. ET Phone Denver
  116. Need suggestion on Fantasy novels.
  117. Beginning of the end 10/8/08?
  118. keeping the kfc recipe safe
  119. man is crushed by metromover in miami
  120. Now here is something to spend your disposable income on
  121. fda approves anti-nausea patch
  122. the illusion we have a choice
  123. i love this story
  124. worried yet? i am.
  125. Hurricane Ike claims houses
  126. Fatwa on Mickey Mouse
  127. The Inheritence Cycle............
  128. Man charged with assaulting policeman with deadly fart
  129. ....it has begun
  130. DOW down 500+ points!
  131. What happened to the political thread...?
  132. The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer
  133. Elephant Checks Into Zambia Hotel
  134. Verdict is in....O.J. has been found...
  135. First Reported Bailout Abuse
  136. Second Reported Bailout Abuse
  137. Sheriff vows no home evictions on his watch
  138. WTH?! Man Killer Crocodile is now a Stud
  139. Warren Buffet says, "Buy American now"
  140. Tomb of real 'Gladiator' found
  141. power ranger murder
  142. real or virtual, women are crazy
  143. jennifer hudson family murder
  144. Trick-or-treater shot and killed
  145. Joe the Plumber to write book
  146. RIP: Michael Crichton
  147. Death by porno?
  148. Circuit City Files Chapter 11!
  149. Illegal LCD price fixing - LG, Sharp, Chunghwa admit
  150. A cure for AIDS?
  151. Dogs used for sex find sanctuary
  152. Abdul fan, former 'Idol' hopeful found dead
  153. Jimi Hendrix Experience Drummer Mitch Mitchell Dies
  154. Real-life Furbys Rediscovered
  155. Milestone in Medicine - stem cells used to grow windpipe
  156. I SWEAR this isn't about me!
  157. Korean troops to wear new "Halo" suits
  158. galactus
  159. Piano found in the middle of the woods
  160. & The #1 Most Dangerous City to Live in is....
  161. Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down
  162. American Gods by Neil Gaiman
  163. Stephen King's, CELL
  164. Bettie Page, RIP
  165. Man sprays 'toilet-papering' teens with fox pee
  166. bush's really BIG shoe!
  167. slow drivers beware
  168. Adam Walsh case is closed after 27 years
  169. Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up"
  170. Impossible to find the Twilight Saga Box Set
  171. casey anthony's fate....you decide
  172. "Catwoman" Eartha Kitt passes away
  173. Santa-suit killer planned escape to Canada
  174. Another reason to be quiet at the movies!
  175. Beedle The Bard - Collectors Edition
  176. I hope this guy has a day job ...
  177. Pat Hingle dies at 84
  178. New Bailout for $5 billion for.....Porn Industry!
  180. H.P. Lovecraft
  181. Couple weds at Taco Bell
  182. Fine Art at 14,000 megapixels with Google Earth
  184. Skier Suffers Exposure
  185. Andrew Wyeth dies at 91
  186. Horrid story...
  187. Recommend me a book...
  188. Horrid story from Belgium
  189. man put to death by local electric company
  190. Horror: 5 Children, 2 Adults Found Dead in L.A. Home...
  191. star wars books
  192. Stan Lee and Marvel Sued for $750M
  193. Alaskans Brace for Volcano to Blow
  194. Baby born with 12 working fingers, 12 toes
  195. So what about this woman giving birth to Octoplets.
  196. North Korea and missiles...?!
  197. Stephen King slams Twilight author
  198. Interesting for Floridians
  199. Caution: Zombies ahead!
  201. Chris Brown charged with domestic violence
  202. Car witnesses car crash
  203. milkman also delivered marijuana
  204. MUST SEE!!!! Goose vs Jet Engine!!!!
  205. "One in a million chance doc"
  206. Fiery plane crash in upstate NY kills 50
  207. 13 year old Father and 15 year old Mother
  208. The Last Days of Krypton
  209. New treatment - Athlete's own blood treat injuries
  210. Marked - House of Night Series
  211. Cold & Flu vaccines on the horizon
  212. Boy, 11, kills pregnant stepmom with his own gun
  213. Galaxy may be full of alien life, thousands intelligent
  214. wow what a twist in the octuplet story
  215. Philip Jose Farmer 1918-2009
  216. 100ft Long Snake
  217. Radio legend Paul Harvey dies.
  218. General discussion has disappeared from the forum?
  219. McDonald's Out of Nuggets - Woman Calls 911
  220. Butt implants gone wrong.
  221. 15 year old girl beat up by cop in cell
  222. Cool Pics of Hudson River Jet Being Trailered Through E. Rutherford NJ
  223. Vern Gagne accused of murder?
  224. man bitten by spider, walks again
  225. Sharks Near Swimmers in Race - Idiots
  226. Predator X pliosaur
  227. Favorite Bama Covers?
  228. Japanese Robot Gals!
  229. Just finished a pretty good Zombie Novel
  230. Family too big to work...
  231. Spidey to the rescue!
  232. 9 patients made nearly 2,700 ER visits in Texas
  233. Man detained and harassed at airport for carrying CASH!
  234. How messed up is this?
  235. Dave Arneson, RIP
  236. Woody attacks a zombie!!!
  237. Marilyn Chambers RIP
  238. hotel makes fat kids pay more for meals
  239. Some BS about Ashton Kutcher and CNN
  240. 80 Year Olds Should Not Be Flying Planes
  241. JG Ballard dies at 78
  242. New Dan Brown Book - The Lost Symbol
  243. Starlog Magazine R.I.P
  244. US declares health emergency regarding swine flu
  245. Real life superheroes!
  246. the REAL patient zero
  247. Chrysler files for bankruptcy
  248. Michael Vick: PETA Spokesman?
  249. What Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Pulp books would you like to see filmed?
  250. What Cool Mags. Do You Subscribe To?