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"It is a great reminder of the sacrifices that have been made for us."
-Vader- Fellow Forum Member

"its a bone chilling image if you take a moment to think about this. just looking at this makes me think how off-track i've gone in my life and the changes that i've got to make." - High lord Apocalypse -Fellow forum member


Im not going to lie to you ,this is not a review,I dont know what it is ,Im also going to confess that I'm Catholic and when I first received this piece I was conflicted,on one hand I'm a collector or rather an admirer of sculpts , statuettes and the like and on the other hand I am Catholic,not a very good one mind you but am still one deep down.
I dont know how to look at this piece through an eyes of a beleiver or the eyes of a collector,I can tell you this much though there is ample to admire about this piece from any point of view,it is just glorious and inspiring and raw and beautiful and I could go on and on and on...

"Honestly I've never seen anything like it, and it is how personally envisioned Jesus. I tried to impart the totality of his life and the events leading to his death."-William Paquet (on being asked if this was an original concept or inspired from someone's art)

I don't what his beliefs are but there was some divinity flowing through his hands when he sculpted this bust!He is without a doubt one of the best sculptors gracing our boards today and a real gentleman too!

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In fact it doesn't matter what you believe in ,this bust is really awe inspiring.
I know quite a few folks on the board like myself buy statues because they love sculpts and many of them buy these sculpts sometimes more for the sculpt itself rather than the subject-matter.If your a Christian or just a statue collector and if you have been admiring this piece I highly suggest you get it.I got this for my parents and even though they might view it differently from me I know they will love it.

and to top it all off the customer service from luxmundi designs is amazing , fast and extremely courteous just the way I like it.

If your quick enough you can get a signed copy of this bust,However they have only a few left.

visit for more info

thanks for reading and sorry about the crappy pics,it's the best my cam can do.
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Nicely done!
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Originally Posted by risingstar View Post
Nicely done!
thank you MR. risingstar!
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William Paquet
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A quick announcement for anyone who was considering picking up one of these statues, especially for Christmas-

We find ourselves extremely low on inventory and our factory is not able to fill our next order until March or April of 2010. We have about 25 statues left that we will be able to sell this year, all ARTISAN (painted) Edition. The SCULPTOR Edition is temporarily out of stock.


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Is this still for sale? I get nothing when I click on the link.
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Bronze Edition is left the Artisan Edition and Sculptor Edition are SOLD OUT
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GREAT shots Vracula! (Not crappy!)

I don't know how I missed this thread.

I have this bust too and love it. I thought William was going to do other biblical figures too but maybe that is postponed for now.

Thank you for sharing.
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I had the chance to own one but I couldn't afford it then.

This one is a rare piece that makes you think deep down about what's important in Life and be thankful for.
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This is amazing. I know it is a very old post. I did a google search on William Paquet and this thread popped up. I am bringing it back up so that others can see it.
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