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Batman meets That Guy With The Glasses

I've been a fan of the gang at That Guy With The Glasses for a while now, and in recent months came up with a fun commission theme: cast several of the most popular members of the site as Batman characters.

To start things off, here's TGWTG artist Andrew Dickman bringing you Todd Nathanson (host of Todd in the Shadows) and his girlfriend/frequent collaborator Lindsay Ellis (host of The Nostalgia Chick) as the Bat and Cat:

I don't know how far I'll actually go with this gag, but getting Gotham/TGWTG's first couple done is a good place to start.

(For those of you wondering, the dual mask on Todd/Batman is a goof on his video persona of wearing a cowl mask and a hooded sweatshirt, and the pigtails on NChick/Catwoman is a riff on the hairstyle she wears in her videos.)
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