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HG Rules Update 2/24/19

Incorporated to current rules:

1- If you sell / solicit / post / have activity of unlicensed kits / recasts you will be banned with no warning.
2- You can talk about 1 of 1 pieces or original sculpts. We don't want to hear or see anything about illegal unlicensed kits.
3- If you have a post asking about making a piece into a kit, it will be deleted. Since kits are not allowed, you don't need to ask.
4- If you continue to ask about kits, you will be banned from the section followed by being banned from the forum.
5- If you have links / sigs / avatars or pics leading to illegal kits, you are banned.
6- If you want to show that special work you did of an illegal piece someone asked you to paint / tweak but didn't have anything to do with its making, don't show it. Go to your local comic shop, buy an inexpensive statue and show us how you can make that horrible thing look like a million bucks.

This is not the area for manufacturers to create threads. This is reserved for individuals who want to showcase their talents or acquisitions. Any new manufacturer that posts on this forum will needs to be verified first. If our members are going to support you, we want to make sure all your lines are licensed or original creations.

Creating a Thread:
1- All threads have to be manually approved before they are live.
2- If you create a thread, you are responsible for that thread.
This means if you get members asking for kits, report the post. If you no longer are active with the thread, request the thread to be closed so you don't have to worry about its activities any longer. Suggestion is for you to subscribe to your own threads.
3- If you fail to keep threads under our guidelines, you will be denied the ability to create any more threads and/or be banned.

This is a nice portal that you can use to showcase your talent, not a portal for you to pay your bills. We don't care how you want to justify in creating or having illegal kits. It's not your property so it's not your call. We are well aware that many famous sculptors begun doing kits. There was also a day that you didn't have to buckle up, cars didn't have windshield wipers and there was no twitter. Times change.

Please understand that we don't own Marvel, DC, Lucas, Hasbro or any of those companies. We don't have the power to make decisions for them. All we can do is make the most of what they allow and enjoy it. Enjoy the section for what it is, don't abuse it.

If you like this section and this forum, be proactive. You see something illegal, report it. It's in everyone's best interest in keeping it clean.

This is a fresh start so let's start off right. I do want to thank my great, old friend Martin Canale for taking the time in offering advise, assistance and coming up with our new name for our new start.


Please do not do this. We will delete the links without notice or warning and may ban you as well. This forum is not for you to send traffic to your site and/or monetize your site or your friend's.

If you want to write a column, create a video or share something for the forum members on a regular basis, we will more than gladly support you on this forum. But, we will not have members bumping threads so they may be able to obtain subscribers, buyers, clients or hits. So, again, if you really are doing it for the members, do it here.

You may have links to your personal site that shows your work.

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