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Plastic Man
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Your advice on finishing a basement for cheap

I am looking into finishing my basement so it does not look like a dungeon. I would like to give it a library type look, just a clean room with bookcases and artwork. Any suggestions?
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Finding a good contractor is key, if the work is going to be extensive. You don't want one that's too busy (can't devote enough time to you) or not busy enough (new to the game, with fewer contacts to hire out for the work).

Good luck, and have fun!
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I would first of all try and incorporate some natural light into the area. Consult with an Architect on how best to achieve that.
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Is it completely unfinished or do you want to update it?

If you want to finish it for cheap do it yourself. My builder wanted 25K to finish it with one floor plan (no variations) and I did a custom mancave myself for less than $7900. I did studs, electrical, and drywall for about 4K and hired folks to mud, sand, and paint for $3900.

For lighting you want alot of potlights or track lighting small spotlights. I wouldn't recommend adding windows because in the long run they could leak and cutting holes and adding windows could be pretty pricey.
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