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Has anyone taken a sculpture on a plane as a carry on?

Hi everyone,

This is a very random question, but I was just curious if anyone has taken a assembled model kit (fairly large, roughly 2 feet) as a carry-on onto a airplane?

I'm thinking of taking a trip down south to purchase an assembled statue at a convention and was wondering if I could carry it onto the plane. I was wondering if anyone ever has or has encountered any issues? thanks!
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El Pulento
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Hi yes I have from Newark to Stockholm Sweden, it was not that big but could fit the handluggage restrictions, does 2 feet exceed the handluggage restrictions? If not it should not be any issues, mine had a solid base so the X Ray machine could be see through it so they asked me to open the box, they just swiped it for drugs and then we're really cool about it. Asking if I had been in the NY comicon and such. Just call the airline and ask for their restrictions.

Good luck!
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I bought a Bowen Venom at SDCC and took it on as a carry on back to the Bay Area a few years ago. Not as big as what your talking about but had no issues at all. I did get slot of compliments from people who saw me holding it.
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