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Books you wish you never read

For me it is the book "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger - great book until the last 50 pages or so - then it went DRASTICALLY downhill.
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Grace Morgan
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I don't have such books I think. I am very selective in such questions and if I start reading and understand it's not ok I quit it
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100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?
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Anything by James Patterson. What a hack. How he continues to be published is beyond me.
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If I am reading a book and if I am anywhere from 50 to 100 pages in and not feeling it I just do not finish it. I figure why bother. Unfortunately those books I do not remember what ones they are because I did not enjoy them.

I kind of treat a book like I do a new comic book series. I give it so many issues (usually 4 to 6) and if I am not like it then it gets dropped.
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I never liked the books from the standard school curriculum. I hated reading what I had to. I preferred to read what I liked. Classic novels suck (
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Old 02-26-2021, 04:59 PM   #6
Clayton Thomas
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I think all the books deserve attention. It's just that this or that book may not be to your liking at this stage of life. And later you'll read it with pleasure. I have had this many times.
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I have a Kindle and there's a website - - which notifies you of free books based on your inputted preferences.

As such I have not purchased a book in years and if I'm not feeling a book then it just gets deleted. Life is just too short to waste reading something that you are not enjoying.
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I think that I will never read fantasy. This genre attracts me least of all. I'm a fan of reading, but I love realistic stories, besides, I often use what I read for my writing work at EssayService, you can read a review of our services at We write several essays a day and our vocabulary and reading skills need to be constantly expanded with the help of reading and books with a fantastic plot do not bring me any benefit, so I bypass them. I prefer to pay more attention to classical literature.
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