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That's how they're selling it in the description on the order page.

Originally Posted by azurepred View Post
it was?????? oh snap, it didn't look like it to me.
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The Herculoids
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Effectively in pictures the paintjob on the mouth is so basic that it barely looks silicone. We know it'll be so because they are asking $3000, but that silly mouth doesn't worth it.

Plus, they often use poor quality materials in the manufacturing process. Otherwise I dig in the fidelity to the original suit and the design of it. This will be risky, if someone dares.
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Originally Posted by CoolProps
We are proud to present our new updated version of ROBOCOP Life-Size Bust Prop Replica from the 1987 science fiction movie classic. The mouth area has been refined for a more accurate version and this new version has just been approved by the licensor.
CoolProps has faithfully produced a life-size bust from the original molds of the RoboCop suit. The metallic paint job, which is characteristic of the suit, is a gradation of silver, blue, and purple to reproduce the prop's paint job. The mouth peeking out from the helmet is made of silicon, allowing the viewer to vividly feel the human-like parts of Robocop that remain. The design of the pedestal is simple and based on the Omni logo as a reminiscent of the world of the film. The bust comes with a silver plate with the edition number and captures the heroic figure of Robocop as he bravely fights crime in a near-future Detroit. A must-have for your collection.
Pre-Order here:


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I was arrested for selling illegal-sized paper.
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Not a bad price. Wish there was a battle-damaged version.
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I've ordered this I'm glad they worked on the mouth. Hopefully it gets released unlike their last few Predators and Alien pieces....
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The Maxx
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Statue too.
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Will shoot video at the show today.
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Dang that must be the most boring pose ever created for a statue. Specially being Robocop
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I was hoping Chronicle Collectibles would release their life size Robocop bust. They tweaked the face, but it was still not good enough. And then CC went out of business.

I sold my CC Robocop 1:2 bust during the pandemic among few other items from my collection. I hoped some company would come along and do a 1:1 bust.

CoolProps came along with it and it is well done. The face is much better now, even though the likeness is not fully there. Recommend checking the 2023 video.

Screen shots from videos taken by Secret Sanctuary.
Monsterpalooza, June 2022.

Old face.
Monsterpalooza, June 2023.

New face

But at $3000, it was double the price I was expecting. Granted it has shoulders and part of the arms, so the price was understandable. Then they dropped it to $2500.

Even if I could buy it on a payment plan, I would need to ship it to my parcel forwarding address in Australia (that's the region with cheapest shipping option offered by CoolProps for $225) and then get it shipped to me.

Probably would spend another $600-$800 to ship it to India. That would be a total of around $3500, which is pricey but again considering the weight and size, it's expected.

What I don't want to spend on is the freaking customs fee, which is minimum 45% to 50% on an item, doesn't matter what the item is. Statue or book, have to pay it. I am looking at $1750 customs fee alone. So yeah I am out now. But I still want to see this bust get released.

SpecFic has it for pre-order but the time frame for payment plan is not valid anymore. So the only option for payment plan is directly on CoolProps website. For a brief moment I thought I would ship to my cousin in US and eventually will bring it back with me after my next travel visit to US, that way perhaps I could avoid the high customs fees and perhaps not show the full invoice value either.

I was close to pre-ordering it. But then decided to check few things.
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In the words of characters from a distant galaxy from eons ago.

I got a bad feeling about this.


CoolProps website product page says Est. Arrival: 2023. No mention of which quarter of 2023. Well it's beyond that now.

So I check their social media pages. Last post on Facebook and Instagram Dec 1, 2023.

Any time a company doesn't post anything on their social for this long, gives me warning bells.

But after the holidays, at the end of the year, companies do annual financial reports and evaluation, including cutting down staff sometimes due to budget reasons. I thought perhaps they are not focusing on social media anymore.

So I messaged them on their website asking about the status of the bust and if there is any progress on the Robocop statue. That was over a week ago. No reply. I sent a direct email to their Gmail today and I don't expect them to reply.

There might be umpteen genuine and valid reasons for delays in production and unexpected shipping delays, which are perhaps beyond the control of the company. But the one thing that is in fact in the control of the company is communication and they chose to go silent.

I have screenshot comments from their FB and IG below. Customers complaining about paying for items and not getting them or not getting refunds. (Most of them are for the Thomas the Tank Engine replica costing $875 and limited to 100). These are ones who decided to post online, there are likely more customers facing similar issues who reached out only on email.

Even if there are multiple delays, inform your customers, especially your paid customers. And if a customer doesn't want to wait any more, give them the full refund, for fudge's sake.

A company that makes cool products, this is how they want to be remembered?

Perhaps I am being paranoid, maybe they will resume communication as soon as they have some promising updates. They are likely busy during the year's first quarter and the Robocop bust will hopefully see the light of the day soon. I want to see it happen.

Companies have delayed product releases for 2 to 3 years sometimes, it's nothing new. But do they expect to build customer loyalty through this silent approach, especially on social media? Even if they are in the midst of releasing their products, this is not a good look for the brand.

If one can pre-order through a retailer and avoid risks of losing money, it's still discouraging and will prevent others from buying their products, even if they are of top quality.

If anyone has ordered the Robocop bust, contact them or your retailer. I have a feeling if enough people contact them, they might respond and issue a statement.

Credit card companies may not offer refunds beyond 6 months, but then I read this recent post by DAP. Maybe that will work.

Their last reply on FB was two weeks ago on March 14, 2024 regarding delay in shipping for the train replica and on IG was Dec 20, 2023.

The social media person on IG has actively avoided answering questions about delays/refunds but has selectively answered comments about the products itself.

CoolProps, there is still time to make this right. Don't sink further down. Refund your customers who are seeking it.
Last FB Post from Dec 1, 2023.
Last IG post from Dec 1, 2023.

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