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Originally Posted by law1349 View Post
My thoughts exactly. I would love to actually make money from sculpting my own kits one day. I really use this forum to get feedback on what people like or want from statues. I wouldn't use it for a store, but want to still be able to post my sculpts that may become a kit later on. Is that not acceptable?
As long as they aren't the likes of Superman/Batman/Wolverine. In other words, if the characters a "licensed" characters then no. This is why DC/Marvel/SS have been contacting SF and other boards is the increase in kits of licensed characters that is a violation of the law.
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this whole thing is unfortunate. but understandable that it needed to be done due to the ones who broke the rules of the forum.
kind of had a feeling this was going to happen sooner or later with all the kit talk that was going on.

looking forward to the SC PC and CC return.

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Sorry statue forum admins, but i dońt access at the sculptor corner ?
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Originally Posted by WS JEAN View Post
Sorry statue forum admins, but i dońt access at the sculptor corner ?
Jean, le topic est fermé pour le moment car trop de ventes de kits sans licence.
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Originally Posted by dark_spidey View Post
Jean, le topic est fermé pour le moment car trop de ventes de kits sans licence.
Ok merci dark ... Sorry for my message.
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Its a shame the comissioners cant post, as some of the best inspiration comes from it, but i can understand why this is needing to be done.

I am just glad it will re open, as some one trying to improve on sculpting it is always great to have feed back

Long live sculptors corner!
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WS Jean: Pas de problème. Cette fermé pour certaines personnes l'abus (?)

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I guess I just missed it. But I don't understand why both commissioners and sculptors can't post as long as there is no mention of potential kits. That these are one offs or just personal practice sculpts. There were tons of great sculpts I saw from licensed properties. You had Baroness, Man of Steel Superman, Quorra, Bettie Page Jungle Girl, Hughes Wonder Woman. I didn't see any of the sculptors or commissioners talk about kits then.
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Guys, this shouldn't be so impossible.

1. Sculptors show of the amazing work they do.
2. they do NOT in anyway make kits/illegal sales when it comes to unlicensed characters.
3. we the forum users help the admins to any post or person that tries to sell their work (when its about trying to sell unlicensed characters)
4. We keep the board.

I don't think the big companies mind so much that we commission a one of a kind statue for personal use. If that's the case they can shutdown deviant art for people drawing their favorite hero!

Its when people create statues to try to sell them as kits in mind.

So if we protect the site by removing these sellers, we should be fine, right?

I love the custom work and get inspired by them.
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When I went to Wonderfest earlier this year, I asked the guy teaching the class about doing kits of unlicensed characters and he just said, "If a big company takes notice and issues a cease and desist on you...take it as a compliment." It kind of eased my mind on the subject, but now it seems to be a bigger deal than I thought. I've not created kits myself, but have plans to in the future. Guess I'll do my own creations.

I don't mind what SF is doing here, and I don't support recasting production statues, but I hate it that the big companies even give a crap. It's not like they're going broke, and it really creates even more interest for their characters. I'm trying to put myself in their shoes, but I just don't think I would care if some kid was making and selling statues of my creation in his basement. So long as it's not a direct recast. Obviously underground guys are making sculpts that people want and can't get from the big companies. That's why I started sculpting to begin with. From a collector standpoint, there are a lot of personal commissions I really wish were kits so I could have one. I just see this as a discouraging of creativity to some small degree. Plus, look at how many of us collectors have some kit or recast of a licensed character in their collection somewhere. Either way, that's just my opinion and I'm getting more and more into original creations anyway. It's more exciting than these 10 new Iron Man/Hulk/Wolverine statues we get every year.
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