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WHAT IF... Secret Wars style!!!

Another WHAT IF...?
What If TONY STARK had been in the Iron Man armor during Secret Wars?
Since shellhead was included in the marvel "push", there is no reason to think Iron Man would have been excluded. Having Stark conveniently absent (he was a drunk on the streets of New York at the time) reduced James Rhodes to a soldier rather than the game-changer a realistically written Tony would have been. You cannot write the Secret Wars story as it was with a character like Tony Stark being involved. Would be interesting to see how that story played out. Personally I think it would be a fantastic What If? to see a drunk or an alcohol withdrawal Stark trapped on a world unable to cope with the situation. Alas, having an alcoholic appear during Marvels big marketing push probably wouldn't have gone over well. Yet if they wrote him as "sober" the impact of Tony Stark would have been interesting.

Other characters that would have drastically altered the storyline (or simply made it impossible to tell)... Vision (perhaps a tad too powerful in that he could theoretically avoid any effects from the vast majority of the villains, certainly the issue 4 mountain drop would have proved useless)... Scarlet Witch (she's a loose cannon powerwise, the ability to alter reality basically means she can screw up anything, anywhere at anytime)... Dr. Strange (hmmmm, we'll just teleport the hell outta here)... Silver Surfer ( way too powerful, but with Galactus involved there could have been a missed opportunity for a separate story-arc between the two of them)...
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