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Originally Posted by RPG_FAN128 View Post
Mine was the definitive and out of 900 I have one in the last 20. The whole numbering system (by F4F) is kind of silly anyway -- more so than other companies who number their items. The earlier I preorder the higher the number I get, and the later I order somehow I miraculously get a low number.
Originally they were very good at coordinating the number to the time you preordered. I have #4 on my Twilight Princess series because I ordered Zant minutes after he was up, and then they fulfilled the 'continue in this series' after that. It was probably too hard to coordinate.

I think my Midna is #305. Normally I don't care about numbering, since it's arbitrarily applied by the factory and doesn't correspond to which one was made first and which was 2000th, but I was a little miffed they dropped the ball on keeping the numbering I was promised for the whole series. Again, the coordination must have been a pain. I had a damaged Midna and Wolf Link upon shipping, and they actually had to make me a new one from scratch and I waited over a year for it. I didn't request this, they just did it for me. I guess they didn't allocate replacements at the time.

(Although I should be MORE miffed that I lost out on thousands of legacy reward points when they moved to the new website and wasn't informed until after the claim on them expired...)
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