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Originally Posted by Yojimbo View Post
I?m probably going to let mine go at SF, if you want to take over my PO. Free shipping in the US as well.
Edit, scratch that! I just had a conversion. WTH lol talk about timing! But thank you
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Originally Posted by MechWestern View Post
Edit, scratch that! I just had a conversion. WTH lol talk about timing! But thank you

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Originally Posted by 67L88Stingray View Post
Did you get yours? I had the same thing happen, but it showed up a few days ago. I just opend it today and I have a floating left foot issue which is a shame as everything else is perfect.
Yep - finally arrive a couple days ago. I did finally get an email from WETA apologizing for the delay.

Assembled it today, and was trickier than I expected. Was terrified initially when I couldn't get the foot seated, but after some wiggling it all sat flush suddenly - for a bit was convinced the peg was far too large a diameter to insert at all. Got the cape on with a bit of a gap left in it, but the peg was inserted so it should be set. The head covers all of that so it isn't noticeable. A diagram would certainly have been helpful, as a couple parts had to go onto the arms under the cape, so had to pull that off to get them added. Tolerances on this piece seemed a bit too tight in many places I think.

After all that though, Sauron looks great! Definitely a dark cast over the silver undertones of the armor, and fantastic detail throughout. Have heard some complain regarding the lighting effect, but I think it looks good, glows a menacing red from the cracks in the base that casts some light up under the statue. Obviously looks better at night than in the day.

Glad I picked this up, and my small LOTR collection is progressing nicely...
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