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Originally Posted by CAIN MKII View Post
What about the paint job?
Is it that bad?
Hell no, it's a very good one for a factory painting, a serious improvement over the BO T-rex.
Photos definitly don't give it justice.
Agreed. Bright lighting and flash wash out the color and detail and to many are making final judgement on this piece from photos like that.

You need to see this bust in person to truly appreciate it. When I look at mine I don't see a paint job that is washed out.

Originally Posted by CAIN MKII View Post
I red a load of " feel sorry for those who ordered it" here and there all over the net.
Well, now that I have mine in hand, I FEEL SORRY FOR THOSE WHO MISS IT
Couldn't agree more.

Originally Posted by VickPS View Post
Unboxed #75 yesterday, and i can finally say i have a true, original Jurassic Park T-rex.

The box is incredible, and the piece itself is huge (as long as you keep her away from the raptor bust) and better painted than what most pics lead to believe since there's more shades of brown in person, the finish is pretty much spot on, and most of the black patterns reflect those on the Perot which, with the exception of the snout, are pretty accurate to the CG model.
Glad to hear you like it Vick. Every since I got mine I feel the same way, in a state of bliss that I own an original Jurassic Park T-Rex.

I see you might order the stand. A couple of us have made them for less than it is to order one. Mine isn't perfect but I'm happy with it. If you want dimensions or anything feel free to PM me.

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