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Originally Posted by ZenLogikos View Post
That's how I feel about Brady. Mahomes is nowhere near that level for me yet.
I get tired of hearing about Brady but I want him to go as far as he can. Really wish he'd made it. I always want the greatest to be as great as they can be.
And I like seeing guys get pissed off over an older guy.

But I don't need updates to hear about his pending retirement or references to how much longer can he play every week. Or every time he has a booger. I did enjoy him telling his wife to walk though.

Mahomes is kinda a punk and since there are no stories other than the 2 old men of the NFL the media keeps trying to build up Mahomes better than he is currently.
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I was arrested for selling illegal-sized paper.
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I don't want to hear anything about Mahomes throwing "sidearm" ever again for as long as I live.
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^Those no look throws though...GOAT

I'm a Hawks fan so kind of mandatory to root against the Niners...I think they're the best team though. I'm thinking Niners and the Chiefs for the Super Bowl, but that Chiefs defense isn't doing them any favors. I wouldn't be totally surprised to see the Niners offense stumble against the Eagles. It really could go either way in both games.
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Mister H
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Cinci v Philly
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Originally Posted by Mister H View Post
Cinci v Philly
That's what I'm thinkin.
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