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Bakuman (manga)

Bakuman had a Slice of life subject, the main characters Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi's dream was being the best mangakas in Japan, but it was a shonen manga so the execution of the story was not very realistic after all, but the emotional side of the story, things like Taro Kawaguchi were used so well that you look over some of the over the top parts of the story.

Hiramaru sensei was my favorite character. Hiramaru sensei and his editor Yoshida's comedy rutin was hilarious most of the time. Nakai sensei was really funny as well, i was really cracking up as Nakai sensei got really round because of the pizzas, he ate as the story moved forward. I think the relationship between Mashiro and Miho was something only a Japanese would think normal, pure and wholsome. HA HA It was something i didn't understand, everyone in the manga was so moved by how Mashiro and Miho didn't see each other in their 8 years releationship because of their promise and how ''pure'' it was... Japanese people really have a weird understading of ''pure''... HA HA If you have a girlfriend and if you do nothing with her, it is such a ''pure'' relationship for Japanese people... HA HA This is what i understand from the manga. Then again what is the point of having a girlfriend, if you do nothing with her ???? HA HA I don't know how much of the manga's story was from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's real life, but as far as Obata said there was alot of reality in the manga.

Eiji Nizuma was a really funny character as well. Story never went back to Shiratose character, i wonder if he could make it as a successful mangaka... And Nakai sensei didn't really have a conclution, i wonder if he could get in shape and find a wife. HA HA
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