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Old 05-25-2022, 02:25 PM   #1
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Repairing 'Animated Marvel' Skottie Young Statue

Does anyone know what the most suitable epoxy glue is to repair a small 'Magneto' statue that was snapped off at the base?

I've contacted Gentle Giant and they say it's a form of polyresin that they've used to make the statue. They also recommend using zap-a-gap for smaller breaks, but I doubt it will be useful in this instance.

I'm preparing to 'pin' the statue, but I'm not sure which epoxy glue to use. Some say epoxy glue for plastics doesn't work for polyresin statues.

(Received it in that condition. The seller claims that he doesn't know anything about it and blames either me or the mail carrier. )

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Devcon or Gorilla two-part (non-yellowing) epoxy is what I use to set large cracks or reattachments. But I then use super glue and insta-set to hold a small portion together so it doesn't shift or move while the epoxy cures, like Vince Vell does in his videos. Some applications may need something more like Aves Apoxie, or some smaller ones may just need some super glue.

Since your item broke off at such a critical weight load point, I'd actually want to put a rod in there to strengthen it too, then epoxy it back together myself with the two-part epoxy, and then touch up the paint. So, pinning it would be the way I'd go as well. I'd do epoxy to put in the pin/rod, then epoxy that to the other piece and hold it in place with mechanical support (like the objects to hold it up, or use super glue in a small section and insta-set to hold it while the epoxy itself sets up.) There are tons of videos on Youtube that'll walk you through it and tell you what products were used, but Vince Vell's are the best.

Example epoxy:

I am still in the novice range for customs and repairs though, so some more experienced folks may be able to speak more to the fact if that won't work for Polystone, but I've not had any trouble with it on any of my pieces yet.
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