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Old 10-17-2020, 03:03 PM   #21
The Enchantress
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Originally Posted by Mister H View Post
Paint it indigo and he'd be a better Lockheed than SS's version.
I love the Lockheed they made. He looks straight out of the comics. I like that he isnít all scaley like a GoT dragon or this wonderful Minion.

And this Minion is nice. Great job all!
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Old 10-17-2020, 03:37 PM   #22
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grphyx1 - Thanks for sharing the images man!

Mister H - I LOVE that Lockheed! I just wish he couldve come on a proximity display base but it totally makes sense for him to be on Colossus's shoulder.

Dandoc - Thanks! No edition size on this yet. Since he's exclusive on the Tweeterhead website we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to snag him, so he'll be available for a while.

SDguy - Thanks man!

MasterkillerWSW - There were a million things we wanted to include with Hordak, but end of the day we made this guy after Hordak, and we'd rather offer him separately than not at all. I think Chad is trying to work out a bundle shipping deal for people that already ordered Hordak to help save on shipping internationally, but Im not 100% sure.

MechWestern - RAD! Thanks for the support!

Acolyte - Thanks man!

Demona - Totally agree, but Im not gonna lie... it'd be fun as hell to do one that's more "re-designed" / ie - realistic.... but glad we were able to work Lockheed into that Colossus offering. And thanks!

Super glad everyone is liking "Hordak's Minion", means a lot, had a freaking blast jamming on him with the team! Cant wait for what's next!
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Old Yesterday, 04:08 AM   #23
Justice League
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Originally Posted by Igo View Post
... I think Chad is trying to work out a bundle shipping deal for people that already ordered Hordak to help save on shipping internationally, but Im not 100% sure ...
That would be sweet.
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The X-Men
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Seeing all these beauties, I believe Mr Igo found a much better environment for his creative skills! Great jobs guys!
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Craigcliff1 could you edit your original post to include the photos of imp/minion?
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