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Knights of Sidonia (Manga)

Knights of Sidonia manga was Tsutomu Nihei's take on the Mecha branch of Sci Fi genre. All of Tsutomu Nihei's works are Sci Fi, he is a Sci Fi / Cyber Punk mangaka. All of Tsutomu Nihei's works are connected, they share the same Universe, but the characters and places in each of his mangas are different.

If you read one of his works like The Blame! before reading Knights of Sidonia, you will see familiar names like Toha Heavy Industries and Graviton Radial Emitter in the manga. Toha Heavy Industries was the big corporation which developed all kinds of technologies from mechas to Graviton Radial Emitter, super weapon (which was the most powerful weapon in Nihei Universe) in Nihei's mangas. Knights of Sidonia's story was about some of the remaning humanity's existential survival against no negotibale, bearly sentient alien beings called Gauna and a human scientist. I liked all the characters and wanted them to win against Gauna and the mad scienteist Ochiai. Ochiai had his convincing reasons to did what he did as he explained his motivations and purpose in the end of the manga, he wouldn't shy away from any kind of immoral act to achive whatever he thinks necessary including inhumane experiments which can be considered taboo, murder and even mass murder... You know, the kind of peronality that comes with being a mad scientist... HA HA

The Manga was Lgbt community friendly in a futuristic way. HA HA One of the main characters, Izana Shinatose was a geneticly engineered person with both male and female genitalia. He/She could swing both ways according to male or female person, he/she likes and could even give birth to a clone of his/her self without needing any partner. he/she was one of the 3rd gender persons in the fictional future of Knights of Sidonia. All the people on board of Space Ship Sidonia were geneticly engineered, (it was necessary for the survival of humanity at some point in the Sidonia's history.) most of them could photosynthesise and eat only once a week.

The Protoganist Nagate Tanikaze was the ace mecha pilot of The Space Ship Sidonia and he had a harem... HA HA I don't think i can name all the girls in his harem but i will try, Izana (3rd Gender), Teruru (a cybernetic girl), Tsumugi (a gauna, human hybrid), Yuhata, Captain Kobayashi and even some of the Honoka sisters (who were like 8 same looking clone girls or something). I think Nagate nailed Kobayashi at some point (high five), there were hints but it was ambiguous. I give Sidonia Manga 10/10 a Masterpiece, one of my favorite manga series.

I tried my best to give a review to the manga without spoiling it. hope you liked what you read and give a shot to the manga.
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