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+1 Yildiray Cinar. Communications far surpassed expectations, price was right, artwork was better than I had hoped, lightening fast commission. Shipped quick and packaged well. The ultimate commission experience. For more, check the link below:

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Chris Stevens +1

Chris is the epitome of a perfect experience. Fast friendly emails, great end product. Perfect experience every time.

Wayne Nichols +1

Have 14 pieces from Wayne, he's a fellow Aussie and has become a great mate.Can't recommend him any more

Drew Charipar +1

Another guy I have double figure commissions from, takes zero money up front and waits on your approval before taking payment or posting a piece. Takes a little longer than some but will always get the job done

Nate Lovett +1

Does amazing work in extremely quick time. Draws like a star, charges like an unknown.

Chris Uminga +1

LOVE Chris's stuff like nothing else, and though he sometimes takes a while to get a piece done or reply to email, he has come through for me in a big way multiple times

Tony Perna +1

We all know and love him and his work so I won't go into too much detail other than to say he deserves LOTS of +1's

Whilce Portacio +1

Organized to do a con pickup and was floored by the result and Whilce and Jo allowed me to bring the cash with me trusting I would do what I said. Great people.

Matt Clark +1

Again I organized 7 con pickups and he got them all done in a short time frame but each one was still of a brilliant standard and a great price!

Ron Lim (through Drew) +1

Another PERFECT experience. And QUICK!!

Jamie Fay -1

Like Paul, I have had a bad experience with him that is still ongoing. I have two pieces I have paid for in full that were started in June of 2009. NOT HAPPY.
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+1 Bob Layton - Great tp deal with. I have gotten a few commissions from him.

+1 Drew Charipar - Awesome experience. He does not take any money upfront and you have the option to pay only if you like the art.

+1 Ron Lim - 2 of the best commissions i have ever gotten !.

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Paul Smith +1 great to work with,numerous prelims,lots of communication,fast and friendly.End results always outstanding, ive had around 10 from him already.

Kevin Nowlan +1 friendly,prelims, good at updating on status, terrific final piece

Chris Stevens +1, ranks right up there with the best,numerous prelims,friendly, great communication,and always a stunning finished piece of art
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Neil Vokes +1, been back again and again, numerous commissions, he even drew a story for me ! prelims and great communication, highly recommended

Michael Golden -1 .im sure everyone knows this story.

Paul Grist +1 fast and great communication

Fred Hembeck +1 around 20 commissions later ill go back for many more.Great to deal with
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+1 Fred Hembeck. Classy guy who is very professional, on time and very affordable.

+1 John Byrne. Never dealt with him, all through his rep Jim Warden but commissions done quickly and without any fuss.

+1 Matthew Clark. Again went through a rep (Spencer Beck) and very happy with the two commissions I arranged.

+1 Ian Churchill. Another of Spencer's stable. Commission done extremely quickly, very satisfied and Ian also added free tonal colouring to the inked piece.

+1 Ivan Reis. Great job by Ivan that I arranged through Spencer and quick considering how busy he is. Also a +1 for Marc Campos who did a fantastic job inking it at a very reasonable price. Arranged through his rep Joe Gonzales.

+1 Josh Howard. Nice guy who did a good job on the commission I requested.

+1 Chris Uminga. Very happy with the commission he did for me, took a little while but he told me that would be the case and I never doubted for a minute he wouldn't come through.

+1 Ethan Van Sciver. Stunning work by Ethan but his communication skills are mostly non existant. I think he had too many commissions to do with an already heavy schedule and got massively behind. The fantastic job he did for me makes up for the nine months wait.

+1 Frank Brunner. Quick turnaround and very hapy with the results.
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Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
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+1 Ernie Chan - 2 commissions, both done in 1 week. No doubt the fastest turnaround time I have ever encountered.

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Chris Stevens +1 - I've had two commissions from Chris, great communication, quick turn-around time, excellent result. I've also bought 2 other pieces from him which were well packaged and posted quickly. Cannot speak highly enough about Chris as an artist and person!

Paul Renaud +1 - I've had two commissions completed by Paul and both were an absolute delight (one was even in colour which I wasn't expecting). Good commnication and very reasonable turn-around time from France.

Michael Lopez +1 - Michael was unable to complete a Shanna commission at SDCC for me but did finish it a few weeks later and I was stunned with the result - an incredible work of art which went above and beyond my expectations. Well worth the slight delay!

Dave Gibbons +1 - My treasured Rorschach commission from Dave was a great experience - he completed it within a reasonable time frame and brought it with him to the Aussie con for delivery. Good communication and a very friendly person!

PS - I'm only including the names of artists who created at home commissions for me or does it extend to con pieces as well?
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+1 Gene Gonzales - Recently did two commissions for me. Great work, and fast turnaround (ordered in late December, physical copies sent last week). Price has recently gone up, but still well worth it.

+1 Yildiray Cinar - This guy is lightning fast (completed within a week of ordering the commission), and his work is absolutely superb.

+1 John Beatty - Arranged to get one of his Wednesday Night sketches that he does on Ustream, and the man delivered! I wasn't able to watch it live, but it's great to see an artist actually working on your piece. Piece was done as scheduled.

+1 Chris Uminga - Ordered a commission through Doc. He can take a bit of time, but boy does he deliver! Well worth the wait (took about 4 months).

+1 Nate Stockman - Found this guy on DeviantArt( Got a number of small pieces done for Christmas presents - he was lightning fast, sending me some scans within hours of upping my order! I was so impressed I got him to do a larger piece as a birthday present for a friend - this was at pretty short notice (less than a month), and he more than delivered, adding grey tones and a colour background to what was a pencil and ink commission.
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+1 - Ernie Chan - I second punisher - my commission with him was done in record time and shipped out immediately. Absolutely fantastic!
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