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I recommend reading this comic . The original concept was submitted by a fan for a contest and never really was used at least the back story was not . This issue pays tribute to the entire concept costume in black and red and the story . Very cool read!

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Always loved Spidey's black & white suit. Black & red looks cool too, tho. Pretty cool back story.
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Originally Posted by Subby1938 View Post

In 1982 an idea was sold to Marvel comics on the formation of a new costume for the Amazing Spiderman . It was purchased and developed by Marvel just in time for release in issue 252 of the Amazing Spiderman .

For many fans out there must didn?t know the initial concept and design for the suit was a colour scheme using blood red spider symbols , web shooters on a black suit with white eyes. It was first published in colour in Marvel Age # 12 1983. Due to complications with colour bleed from red into the black on the smaller images Marvel decided to omit the red colour last minute and we ended up with out now famous black and white Symbiote costume .

A controversial move at the time by Marvel to change Spideys look , Mike Zeck was given task today draw up a prelim sketch . This was forwarded to Rick Leonardi who did final renders for Marvel Age 12. The following year Ron Frenz introduces us to the Amazing Spiderman 252 the black suit .

I had Ron redraw Leonardi?s design in a private commission for me in 2019. I then sent a copy of Leonardi?s Marvel Age art to him for a remark and signature with the hopes of framing both . In between both pieces of art is a vintage black suit spider symbol dated 1984.

I added a custom statue done by Alpha 3 group in the original black and red colour scheme I wanted to share with everyone.
Don't know how I missed this but damn dude that looks pure class Subby. Love it!
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