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The InJustice League
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I think for me she's still a keeper and still the best Pfeffer CW statue to date. The eyeshadow is bad... worse, IMO, after seeing the video. The heavy liner is typical of a female statue; could be a bit more crisp. The irises are small, but TBF they were small on the proto too, so that gets a pass. I'm hoping based on that neck seam that a good amount of hairdryer action MAY allow me to pull the head off to get repainted at some point if I feel it's necessary once in hand.
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The Tick
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Video looks much better than the pics so far. Looks great!
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Jedi Order
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Video looks good - though her eyes could look more centered.
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The eyes and eyeshadow look terrible to me. Nothing like Michelle or the proto. How this made it through QC approval by Chad is beyond me. It might be a cancel from me.
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War Machine
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I will be sure to render my verdict when I get the piece in hand. But like I said before it’s these types of changes that piss me off and what I hated about XM. Be transparent if changes are being made. If the factory messes it up - hold them accountable. XM has become more upfront about changes and that is excellent!

There is no way that these Catwoman issues will be redone like the Superman S. There are too many pieces. I don’t recall things like this being an issue before we got the big edition sizes and linked to Sideshow. I don’t think it is Sideshow, but I know it prevents QC redos like Catwoman to be addressed Bc of the edition size.

I’m so sad and bothered by the fact that two statues I was soooo exciting to get both suffer from the same issue - changes to the eyes. Totally changed the vibe of both pieces. And on neither one have I yet to hear Chad or Igo utter an answer as to why these changes were made or why it passed QC.

Teela fans better be on the lookout for changes.
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Thumbs down

Utter GIT of a driver! I was at home. It was raining so the poor lamb probably didn't want to get wet

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The Tick
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I get those when the weather is bad too. "Delivery attempted, no one available at address." I have actually seen delivery drivers pull up at my house since my office faces the road and then drive off and a few minutes later get notification that I was not home and delivery will be re-attempted. Once I saw them pull up and even went out to my front porch to greet them and they drove off when it was raining.
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Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.
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After watching the video....She is just stunning. I am not worried... I can patiently wait for her arrival.
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Originally Posted by SDguy View Post
Looks good. Skin tone looks whiter/lighter that the original image posted.
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