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I liked the finale and season overall, but there were definitely issues with the writing and character motivations. Vernestra blaming it all on Sol is pretty wicked on her part, and it's sad that Yoda goes along with the coverup, assuming she tells him the truth. I wanted more explanation behind Qimir and Vernestra's shared past, but I guess that's for Season 2, if we get it. Oh, and Bazil was the most annoying character, FFS get rid of that ridiculous gopher

On the plus side, the action was very good, and the fight choreography was consistently excellent. I loved the introduction of cortosis, and Manny Jacinto did a good job with Qimir. The finale had a couple cool reveals...the first time seeing a kyber crystal being bled in live action...and PLAGUEIS! He looked menacing as hell, the little we saw anyway.

Several questions remain regarding Plagueis. Was he lurking unbenownst to Qimir? Are they currently master and apprentice or was there a falling out? Perhaps they haven't even met yet, and if so, who trained Qimir in the ways of the dark side...did he do it himself? Did Plagueis help the witches create the twins, and does this knowledge and experimentation eventually lead to him perfecting it and creating Anakin down the line? The bones of a cool Season 2 are definitely there, so hopefully they can tighten up the writing.


Did you ever hear the Tragedy Of Darth Plagueis The Wise?
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Originally Posted by IcedDog View Post
Did you ever hear the Tragedy Of Darth Plagueis The Wise?
Yeah, the tragedy is that he was put in the Acolyte.
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A disappointing ending to a consistently disappointing season.
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