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DSLR Camera decision

Over the years, i'd seen some of you members old and noobs posted great looking pics from the Cons or their collections up on boards here......which is by far greater than what i was able to accomplished with my Sony SLT-A55.
My dilemma is trying to capture great pics with my sons at Disneyland or family members at gatherings. I always either get blurry pics or grainy ones. I'd tried to mess with the aperture and shutter speed. Pics with the flash is ok, but sometimes i want the natural light surroundings. I hardly uses a tripod due to travel light.
I'm thinking about getting the Nikon D70 or the Canon T5's. Don't know if it'll make any difference for the way i shoot and operates the camera since i'm a noob at it.....or maybe i'll just have to play with my Sony more. I already have 2 lenses kit and speedlight, and would hate to start up a new setup again $$$.
Any if i decided to get a new DLSR....which one should i get? My price range is $1k.
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I’m a Canon user and therefore would recommend it. Before I bought my first DSLR, I tried both Canon and Nikon and found Canon to be more user-friendly (icon buttons, menu programs, etc). Of course this is highly debatable but like I said, persoanally I’m more comfortable using the Canon. Performance-wise, both brand are not really different from each other. It will go down on one’s preference and of course price.

Since you mentioned that you’re thinking of getting a T5, were you referring to the T5 or T5i? Anyway, I would strongly suggest to get the T5i. The older model T5 does not come with a cleaning sensor. This feature alone is worth the price difference (T5 retails at US$550 while T5I is at $850, still within your budget). Trust me, dust spots are a constant nuisancein taking a photo and can damage the camera in the long run if the sensor is not regularly cleaned.

Also T5 is probably the worst 18Mega pixel product out there. Newly released and branded as new but It still uses an old generation processor (DIGIC4). They're pretty much just using the sensor, AF, and processor from an older model, the T2i (same specs) but more expensive.

Since you said you get blurry photos even if playing with shutter speed, get something that has higher ISO settings. You can then increase shutter and ISO and not get a dark exposure. Aperture may help only a bit if you want clear photo by setting it wide open but this depends on your lens. It helps in setting the depth of field (separation of your subject to the background). I understand you have kit lenses, those can only go as high as f3.5. If you need wider, there are a few entry-level prime lenses like the Canon 50mm f1.8 that costs only less than $100.

Just make sure that your existing len kits would work on the body you plan to get. An EF-S lens would fit on any crop body but not on a Full-Frame.

Hope this helps in your decision and good luck.
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Before you shell out on a DSLR, check out the Canon Powershot S95...
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