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Studio lights

Are these lights are enough good for studio?

Camtree sun Fresnel light
On-camera reporter light

What are your views?
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Originally Posted by Ryantimpa View Post
Are these lights are enough good for studio?

Camtree sun Fresnel light
On-camera reporter light

What are your views?
Honestly, I have no expereince with that company whatsoever so I can't speak the quality of thier lighting. Have never even heard of them before. They certainly appear to be decent lights, especially given the price range, but I cant say for sure one way or the other as again, I really know nothing about them. As I stated in another thread on studio lighting, I would go with a more well known company like Lowel. I guess it all depends on how much you want to spend. These lights appear to be aimed at more budget minded people.

If you have the money and your looking for a all in one kit, I would recommend something like this:

Your really limited with just 2 lights. 3 lights is really VASTLY superior in regards to the lighting you can achieve. If you want to light on the backdrop/background, that basically limits you to a single light for the statue. They do have a 2 light kit as well, but I would definitely suggest saving up and buying a kit with at least 3 lights (the more the better really).

Here is the 2 light kit:

As for the on camera light, I would not recommend a light like that for studio work as its going to produce really flat lighting as your basically lighting objects straight from the camera's viewpoint. Not a good approach to studio lighting. those types of lights, including ring flashes, are really aimed more at macro work or fashion photography.
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