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Originally Posted by SDguy View Post
When all is said and done I am glad I got her, thanks to the redo. It was really the last game I played in earnest.... now I am just old Level52 worked on her.
Wow you got Level52 to do that?!? That is something.
For sure I'd still want my statue if it looked like yours.
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Originally Posted by ukshaun View Post
I gave up on the game after failing on the level that takes place in a type of arena, where wave after wave of enemies jump in. It goes on for far too long, the constant button stabbing becomes a chore. Poor game design.

HMO still have Nariko for sale. Some sellers are asking more than HMO are selling at

I've been tempted many times, but held off. If i knew of a talented painter in the UK, then i'd be tempted to buy Nariko and have the portrait re painted. I could attempt it myself, but i probably don't have the skills (i wouldn't be happy with the results).
Oh jeez, I would never attempt to paint a face. Though honestly I doubt I could paint a shoe, so....
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