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Originally Posted by thecollector80 View Post
niiiice! different companies but looks like they were designed to go together. is the she-ra EX?

can you take a pic with the teela and she-ra base together?
She Ra is regular.

Here are the bases next to each other.

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Originally Posted by koolkollectible View Post
I didn't send them an email. I used their website and my order details to follow the form to fill out a request for replacement part. The form allows uploading of pics of the defect. They pretty much responded within 48hrs.
Thank you very much. I will try it your way.
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Just unpacked this one; what a stunning piece and I’m pretty sure the legends line is the best statue line going at the moment. The art direction and production execution is second to none.

Please use this same factory and don’t let the QC drop!
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Originally Posted by martineaumichae View Post
Received mine today from Tweeterhead. Statue was in good condition but the art box was significantly crushed on the corners. Has anyone ever had any luck getting TH to replace the art box?
I saw on their website that they said something like they don't support issues with damaged art boxes, although they sometimes do have extras. I did send an e-mail just in case they had extras for this one since this may be the worst shape an art box has arrived in for me (the brown shipper and the art box both took a hit and had two decent sized tears through them). Never heard back.

In my experience, it's a rarity to get a perfect art box and I am not sure too many care about them - I stopped caring about crushed corners. This one only got my attention due to the large tears. Although, I recall when Sideshow floated the idea of ditching them entirely and it obviously never happened, so someone must care. There are some Sideshow products where the art box is prettier than the statue. Tweeterhead did send one statue with no art box (Mxyzptlk). That one tested how much I cared (I didn't).

I think 10 years ago I would've cared more about the shape of this Teela art box. The reality is I won't see it again until I need to sell it and I am skeptical most buyers care. But, then I saw that Sideshow was selling statues at a 15% discount just for having damaged art boxes!

I do wonder why some of these have the styrofoam corners that help a decent amount when it comes to damage and others make sure the brown shipper is form-fitting to ensure any damage during transit gets passed on to the box.
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