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I'd love basically statue versions of the Masters of the universe classics line, staying true to the vintage figures look but with a more detailed look, not as simplistic as filmation but also not the ultra realistic interpretation of Sideshow. Preferably in Bowen scale so we can get pretty deep into the line.

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I’m happy that discussion of this line continuing from Tweeterhead is actually happening.
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Originally Posted by KELPIE View Post
They were quite popular. PCS needed to renew the license but had already done all the big hitters. I guess they weren't popular enough to fork out the cash for the license renewal.

They also made it through all of the main cast with exception of Merman and Ram-Man.

That said, I'm happy to see this new style continue, I'm just more interested in characters other than the main cast again.
Yeah thatís what sucks. They could have easily done another 20+ different characters if they wanted to. Sad they never got to release the Skeletor/Panther combo to go with the already released He-Man/Battle Cat. I donít know how popular they would have really been but there were so many choices for characters they never got to do. I also remember the newer He-Man figures from the mid-late 2000s that went with the newer animated series and they looked great too. I bought as much of those as I could. I would love to have more of the He-Man statues done in the more SS realistic style as well but it seems 80s toy icons donít seem to flourish too well in statue form. He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers, etc. seem to not have enough of a market in statue form to thrive.
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Originally Posted by Sandman585 View Post
Iím happy that discussion of this line continuing from Tweeterhead is actually happening.
Fingers crossed November brings good news on that front.
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