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Old 10-06-2017, 03:02 PM   #41
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Uh. It's 20 so yes get it. I'm not happy about roster but I'll buy when it's 30.
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Old 10-08-2017, 03:25 AM   #42
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So I picked this up yesterday, some thoughts on the final product.

The demo definitely did this game no favors. The game is still pretty ugly, but much better than the demo's visuals. Then again I had to install a 10Gb patch before I could even start the game. I have to check but I believe this replaces a lot of the character models to make them look better.

Story Mode is absolutely abysmal. It not only looks like complete garbage, but it has some of the cringiest dialogue I've ever heard. It's nothing but one liners, exposition, and a device to introduce everyone. Dr. Strange for instance will make his appearance and the dialogue will go something like this:

"Dr. Strange you are here....yes Spiderman I have arrived. Arthur take point, Ironman back him up.....yes Dr. Strange, Spiderman and Hawkeye will advance while Chris and Strider provide cover."

To anyone thinking of doing Story Mode when you get the game, don't bother. I thought you'd get something like Ultron Sigma unlocked, or a costume at the very get nothing but a few titles, complete waste of time.

So with the negatives out of the way, the actual gameplay is awesome. The tagging is fluid, combo creativity is greatly encouraged, and the stones provide all sorts of possibilities in both combos and strategy.

I've only tried out Dante so far in practice since I mained him in 3. I was mistaken earlier when I said he didn't have his Bold Cancel, he does still have it, but it's not really needed now to cancel in and out of his specials. You can simply cancel something like Stinger right into a special now. While things like this are now simplified, they did make up for it by giving him new combo possibilities. You can now launch after Jam Session, and cancel Vortex into Sky Dance while in Devil Trigger. Jet Stream also causes a juggle state now, so there are a ton of new avenues for him to get things going. I can't speak for the rest of the roster yet, but I do like the changes made to Dante despite having some of his Marvel 3 options removed.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied, since I'll be in Practice Mode and Vs. mainly I can overlook the atrocious story mode since I never play these modes more than once anyway. Again, this was certainly a detriment to the demo as they showcased the worst aspect of the game to people. They would have been better off giving everyone practice mode and vs. mode with 4 or 6 characters to play around with.
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Old 10-09-2017, 07:33 AM   #43
Death is hereditary.
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Did a quick Dante vid. I tried utilizing a lot of his new combo paths, and also showed some of his old ones still work like jump cancelling Pop Shredder into specials. Also let me know if the link doesn't work at some point. I don't know why but it kept failing during uploading, then I had to delete it to reupload because it was a duplicate video according to youtube, just a mess all around, but it should be fine now.
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