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Ghost in the Shell (Manga)

Ghost in the Shell, the phenomenon that took over the world in the early 2000s with anime films. I finally read the source material, Mangaka Shirow Masamune's magnum opus, the Ghost in the Shell Manga in 2023. Better late than never.

I read the Hard Cover edition and it had some annotations on the side of the panels that gave information about the GITS world. Soft Cover editions don't have the annotations as far as i learned. The Manga was a very hard read with the annotations, so many information were given about the lore of GITS like the mangaka explained so many technology of the things in his GITS World including sci fi robotics and guns to religion. I had really hard time reading at some parts, it was not like a pleasure read to past the time, but rather it was like studiying advenced robotics techonology or something at some parts... Very tiring.

I am also surprised how mangaka talked about spirituality like he believes in god and spirits etc. Yeah, it says ''Ghost'' in The Shell on the title, but i thought he meant something like consciousness with ''Ghost'' not actual Ghosts and spirits... I very much disagree with the mangaka on ghost being the true selves of beings, if we talk about sentient beings the consciousness is the only self. Therefor all life don't have a self. There are no Ghosts or Spirits of any sort. Being life form is not about haveing vast information. A plant has zero information and no self but it is a life form. And also mangaka supported the idea of capital punishment and highly resented the advenced countries that forbided it... wow... I also disagree with him here. No one has any right to kill anyone. Executing serial killers is no solution to the problem because those people are mentally ill, it is not in their hands to stop killing. You can't make an example of them for them. They need medical psychatric treatment.

Even mangaka himself admits that all the manga was just my imagination runing wild and i may have really talked about nonsense here and there in the Manga. So take it all with a grain of salt. It was a fun read overall with the random section 9 operations and with the addition of the hacker puppeteer in the end.
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