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Iron Studios: Magneto vs Sentinel BDS Art Scale 1:10 statue (1:6 revisit?)

Coming soon. Looks to be a remake of their original 1:6 scale statue released several years ago. Didn't compare 1-to-1, but looks like a new sculpt, not just the 1:6 shrunken down.

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I'm curious how this looks with the big X-Men sentinel diorama if you didn't get #2. Or how it might pair with those old SS vs dioramas, I'm not sure what scale those original ones were...
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Old 08-11-2023, 06:38 PM   #3
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I love the more traditional /iconic costume on this one, really POPS with those brighter cleaner colours. Think i'll sell the more modern sentinel one and buy this in its place. Be great if Iron studios can also offer a version of just Magneto hovering without the Sentinel (be more affordable and take up less space)
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Also that sentinel looks a bit too modern /complex aesthetically to go with that more classic Magneto
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Infinite GLORY
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I thought I wanted this 1/10 version since I like that it's smaller scale and will match more aesthetically with the Wolvie vs. Juggs 1/10 they have coming. But I watched some comparison videos last night on this 1/10 vs. the original 1/6 and the "changes" they made for this version I just don't know about. Overall I think the Sentinel looks ALOT better than the original. But Magneto...idk. His face looks a bit bland vs. the 1/6 model. The 1/6 model also had a bit of his hair coming out the bottom of his helmet in the back and that is missing from the 1/10 version. The face itself looks like a downgrade. They changed the tights as well and added more design.

Does anyone have the 1/10 version yet and can post some pictures and let me know what you think? I can get it for about $400 shipped so trying to decide if it's worth it or not. It appears to be limited to 500 pieces as well so wondering if that is worldwide.
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