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Old 01-05-2022, 05:56 AM   #1
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My Iron Studios Awards

As I watch several of the youtuber video awards I find myself disagreeing with some of the winners and opinions of the influencers. So, I am just gonna post my own. And since nobody really cares what I think, post what you think.

And the awards go to....

Iron Studios 2021

1. Gold X-Men vs Sentinel (all)
2. Silver Juggernaut 1/10
3. Bronze Nightcrawler 1/10

Pieces Looking Forward to in 2022

1. Spiral 1/10
2. Scarlet Witch 1/10
3. Mojo 1/10
4. Magik 1/10
5. DC Comics Harley Quinn 1/3 Scale Statue

Sleeper (will be in demand in the future): Blob 1/10
Biggest Disappointment: Havok 1/10
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Old 01-05-2022, 10:42 AM   #2
Infinite GLORY
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Thanks for sharing! This is a good idea for a thread. I would agree with some of this. The Sentinel Dioramas definitely take the gold. It was such an ambitious project and for them to get both 2 AND 3 out in the same year was a crazy feat to accomplish, given covid shipping issues and all.

Juggs is top notch as well.

For my list on top ranked, I would go X-Men dio's as #1 for sure, but for #2 I would go the Legacy 1/4 Black Widow. I don't own it yet as I haven't had the funds, but I think it turned out great from videos and pictures.

For biggest disappointment or scam, I would say the Jaws Boat Display. The price alone makes it a terrible piece ha.

2022 pieces I'm looking forward has to be obviously any other X-Men dio proximity pieces. They have to complete some of the other teams, as well as show a Mr. Sinister at some point.

I'm also anticipating any Spidey No Way Home pieces they are going to reveal. The 1/4 Legacy design they showed is ok, but I'm hoping they do a 1/10 Dio set with all the spideys and villains. Would be very cool.
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