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Old Yesterday, 01:50 PM   #31
Justice League
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Welcome on board, then.

I for one must say that I am very happy to hear that one already working on the MotU line over at Sideshow´s is now helping Chad out. I love MotU, I love this line ... and I love it´s style. So knowing that the style of the statues will be the same makes me more than happy.
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Old Yesterday, 03:01 PM   #32
Blue Falcon
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Ha cool! Gratz on the gig! Looking forward to what you guys do with the MotU line!
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Old Yesterday, 04:16 PM   #33
Alpha Flight
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Your underpants phobia aside, it's good to have you back, Igo. The 1:5 MotU line should've had 100% support by SS. The fact that it's continuing here, it's easily my favorite statue series going on today. Very excited for what you'll do.
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Old Yesterday, 04:55 PM   #34
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I’m excited based on those concepts of Beastman, etc.
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Old Today, 03:30 AM   #35
Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
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Originally Posted by Igo View Post


Kidding... I get it, not everyone was in love with some of the projects I was responsible for in the past... There were a LOT of facets to the decision making that went into what was produced at such a big company like Sideshow... I was there for 10 years, started as a designer, was a design manager for a couple of years, and AD'ed for about the last 6 years... and Sideshow and the collectibles industry changed DRASTICALLY over those 10 years... For context, when I started at Sideshow, Bowen was still producing statues and places like XM and Prime1 have only really been around for the last few years. Most statues were still traditionally sculpted and now nearly everything is digital (remember the traditional vs digital debates? FUN!)

Every company is different, times have changed drastically, and Ive learned a lot, Ive grown, and Im stoked to help Chad out with whatever he needs... because yes, I work with Chad and for Chad...

Chad has plans for Tweeterhead and my main focus will be helping run the Masters of the Universe line as well as a couple of other new things we have in the works. I have ZERO intention of removing underpants from superheroes... and even if I was asked to help Chad with his DC license, I would never want to change a successful recipe... I have a personal preference, but I also know Tweeterhead has an aesthetic and collector base, and Chad has unique goals and objectives he wants to meet for his customers and my only intentions are to make sure I can help him meet those goals.

So, Im back to some casual posting and participation on the forums from time to time... I know some people didnt like my sarcasm and some appreciated it, and sometimes I might have stepped over the line here and there and I totally own that, but hopefully I can find that balance and still only SLIGHTLY piss people off from time to time

Anyways, Im stoked to help Chad continue the MOTU line I was involved in during my time at Sideshow, and Im cautiously excited for all your feedback... but honestly, I always appreciate the honesty, even if it is excruciatingly critical, and hopefully my role with Tweeterhead will be viewed as mostly positive, but I have to earn that, so I guess we'll see!


Very well said, congrats again on this role at Tweeterhead, and glad to see you chatting here on the boards. I loved the MOTU line with Sideshow and I'm excited to see those ideals and concepts continued with TH.
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Old Today, 03:39 AM   #36
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Good luck with your new job at Tweeterhead.
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Old Today, 04:51 AM   #37
The X-Men
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Great! more minds to think of new pose so pls step away from one hand and one leg up..there are already 3 of them exactly with the same pose.
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Old Today, 05:13 AM   #38
Master Pizza
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Now it's time for Tweeterhead to get a Marvel license and do a Ghost Rider on bike in 1/6 scale.
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Old Today, 11:10 AM   #39
Power Girl Fan
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I appreciate anyone in the industry interacting with us fans.

The MotU She Ra was great for me and excited for Teela. If Igo does DC pieces for TH in the same style they have done I'm all for it. Honest and open communication without ever getting abusive is my hope for the forum.
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Old Today, 11:20 AM   #40
Sailor Moon
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other than what I could find online I am not that familiar with David's work (and to be honest, I could maybe name 3 characters from Master of the Universe and that would be on a good day) but from what I saw the man is very talented and produces a good product. He will probably be very busy with the MOTU line from Tweeterhead but if he does sculpt a SuperPowers statue it would probably be another fantastic statue that he could add to his statue display shelves.
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