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Old 10-14-2018, 04:19 PM   #71
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Originally Posted by EnShinNoi View Post
This is worse than the Chun-Li disaster and this is a proto

Between SDCC and NYCC, it actually got worse. How is that even possible?

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42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
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Originally Posted by StatueDiva View Post
People use Ryu and the other shotos because they are literally baby mode. Ryu could be absolute bottom tier (and he is in SFV right now), but they will still use him. Why? Because he's insanely easy to play.

Ryu is a boring character, I wouldn't be surprised if you asked some people that and that was their response. They're not going to say Ryu isn't their favorite because it's "hipster", it's because that's exactly what he is. What is there to Ryu? He's just some cliche vagabond with a dirty old gi.
There are A LOT of characters better than Ryu, but because he's the poster boy and Street Fighter 1/2 original, he gets that privilege.

Sakura has lower usage in SFV because she's not only harder to play, but also bottom tier as well. In SFV, you will find that people will gravitate to high tier characters (outside of Ryu and Ken obviously). G for example is a brand new character, but he's seeing great usage because he's good and fun to play.

I don't doubt Sakura is popular, these polls are held across the world. I'm pretty sure the bums fighting in gis aren't going to be top pick for actual favorite characters, they're just very familiar for people to play with.
Not voting for Ryu isn't being a hipster, but I guarantee you Q as the 4th most popular Street Fighter character collectively? That's definitely not being honest, they vote for Q waiting for someone to ask "who's Q", then feel really good about themselves.. That's a hipster pick.

You're cool if you picked Q, you're even cooler if you pick Maki or Eagle. I've seen many people who think like that.

Or like previous guy says, they are voting for DLC character which makes sense. Makoto and Q could potentially make it to next season. (2nd and 4th place)

I can tell you its inaccurate, my favorite character is Dhalsim, I voted for Oro because I wanted to see him up on the list. There, it's inaccurate, the poll is made up of dishonest people like me. We all have our own agenda when voting.

I don't doubt Sakura's popularity though, it's widely known that she has been among the top since her debut. Its just characters like Q at 4th place, now that's going to require some faith if you can believe that...

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