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Old 03-18-2019, 12:27 AM   #4271
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Originally Posted by senseimaki View Post
DC Bishoujos or some other DC line? Am curious, which one in particular goes for that much??

Batman, 1/6 scale, Superman 1/6 scale, Supergirl 1/6 scale, and Green Lantern 1/6 is getting up there on ebay
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Old 03-18-2019, 02:40 AM   #4272
Koto CS
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Originally Posted by Squirtle View Post
Hi Mr. Arigato!

Just wondering when we might hear news of next lines? I am specifically wondering on marvel artfx+ but i think a lot of people were hoping for other updates at NYCC

Maybe at SDCC?

Thank you!
We generally try to have a lot of updates to reveal at events, and the next big one for us should be SDCC! Depending on how the product planning and production process is going, sometimes we have more announcements than others.

Gyoza and myself also run the social media accounts, so when there is something that I feel people will be excited about and no event in the near future, I'm trying to convince the product planners to let us reveal them online as well.

Originally Posted by Bea625 View Post
Seriously? This line was supposed to have "LEGS" according to Dan when these were first announced. They need to continue this line. The demand is definitely out there for them. A couple more good guys and 5-6 villains.

Still no answer on Star Wars either. I really hope they can provide something.
I saw a question about Star Wars, but then when I was looking back to quote everything I couldn't find it. No exact details I can share right now, but there are definitely new things on the way!

Originally Posted by ddarko View Post
Is there any chance for a re-release of Kotobukiya Bishoujo DC Huntress statue from sometime back ? If the weird arm could be fixed on the re-release, that would be a bonus too!
Thank you for the suggestion! We will take it into consideration.

Originally Posted by Omegaplex View Post
90Thank you for the interactions, Mr. Arigato!

Just three things from me:

First, thank you for the Mary Shazam Bishoujo, I have always wanted one, but never thought she would get one! Was very happy and surprised to see that announcement!

Second, any plan for a Mera Bishoujo? She's been a very popular character lately, especially with her great appearance in the Aquaman movie, and would make a beautiful Bishoujo with her water theme! Please put her on the short list!

Third, love those GI Joe Bishoujos, Scarlett, Baroness and Lady Jaye all look great! Please don't forget Cover Girl, she should be next, and then Zarana, too!

Thanks again, keep up the great work!
Thank you so much! We are all very pleased about the positive reactions we've been getting, both for Mary and G.I. Joe.

Thank you for the suggestions, Mera is one we get a lot, so she is definitely up for consideration. Hopefully we can continue to expand the G.I. Joe line with more characters as well!

Originally Posted by statue-man View Post
Is there any chances of a second run of the DC line is 1/6 scale. Reseller's are marking these up to $450.00 and more. The collector's who missed out need to catch a break.
Customer demand and the pricing in the market are both things we consider when determining which products to do reproductions of. I will pass along your suggestion.

Originally Posted by elvirawynter View Post
In the past, there was polls on which Bishoujo character we would like to see next. I asked Gonk awhile back if this is something we would see again in future and he said there was a possibility.

Is there a chance based on this question if you would considering doing this fairly soonish?

The Bishoujo line is honestly my favourite pieces in my collection and any new announcements are always welcome.
We will defintely include some questions about BISHOUJO when we do the survey. I will have to talk to the other product planners but hopefully we can get something together soon!
Check us out at the following links:

Official HP: /
Facebook: https://www.facebook .com/kotobukiyaofficial/
My Figure Collection: https://
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Old 03-18-2019, 08:21 AM   #4273
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A couple of questions about the ArtFX Premier line:

1. Are these also sold as a 'pre-painted model kits' or are they a single piece?

2. Is the 'limited quantity' pre-determined or is it based on pre-orders/solicitation?

3. And will that quantity be disclosed prior to product availability?

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Old Yesterday, 04:14 AM   #4274
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Originally Posted by WhistlingTime View Post
A couple of questions about the ArtFX Premier line:

1. Are these also sold as a 'pre-painted model kits' or are they a single piece?

2. Is the 'limited quantity' pre-determined or is it based on pre-orders/solicitation?

3. And will that quantity be disclosed prior to product availability?

Good questions. Seconded. From the looks though, I'd wager they aren't a single piece.
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Old Yesterday, 08:11 AM   #4275
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Is there any chance we’ll ever get a Jim Lee version Jean Grey DRS statue or was that line specifically tied to Eric Sosa? I really think if you guys did a ‘92 X-men fine art line that that would sell like pancakes. Am sure there are quite a few 1/6 scale aficionados.

Are there plans for a movie ARTFX statue of Captain Marvel just like you did with Gal Gadot as WW?
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