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The Herculoids
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Originally Posted by built2shred View Post
I have about 12 XM pre-orders, 4 SS pre-orders atm, plus 3 custom pre-orders...

Originally Posted by eternalblue02 View Post
Explaining away what I did with 8K in 1 month was a low point. What I really want is SS to allow me to get rid of my cancelled order list, itís just embarrassing.
The cancelled orders list, aka The List Of Shame
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Originally Posted by eternalblue02 View Post
When I started I had about 20 with SS and a few with other stores. I fell into the trap (my own fault) but learned here how to focus and learn good habits. I learned fast when I had 4 P1 preorder invoices come at the same time. Explaining away what I did with 8K in 1 month was a low point. What I really want is SS to allow me to get rid of my cancelled order list, it’s just embarrassing.
Same here, I wanted everything that looks cool and at least 1-2 of every character I thought looked ok. Then xm came out and I wanted every xm statue. Then I saw prime 1. I wanted all the p1 since it was the new rage! Then I realized I had way too many preorders and I was already out of space with 30 -40 more characters I wanted to po. After that I had to force myself to stop buying and sell away some statues just so I can't complete a line. I felt like I was selling away my babies fighting myself to let statues go. Felt sick and very unhappy. but in time I learned to deal with it and now I'm more happy collecting less. I also enjoy what I have more than before when I was hoarding. Btw selling statues suck! Many broken, dealing with some rude buyers, had to take a lost on most, shipping cost so much on some that buyers passed, then had a lot of buyers low balling to get it 50% off retail basically free, was scammed a couple of times with buyers switching out a part they needed and sending it back to me, and so on. Selling statues is not fun. Now most is gone and I feel good! Not a lot of massive boxes, and the statues I have left has sentimental value to me. And it took me 2 years to sell most of my collection around 70-80 pieces. All this is done right on time with the rising prices, taxes, higher shipping, with ever growing scammers on these high priced items. Now I do have the space left and funds to buy whatever I want that comes out. Just have to be super picky.
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Originally Posted by Comicbookguy View Post
I bet some people here has at least 25-50 preorders right now with all the companies coming releases. It's very common at one point t I had 30 preorders easy. Many here has even more. The wanting it all mentality is very difficult to break once you're in deep. the obvious reasons would be to want one of every character or everything that looks cool.
I'd have half as many pre orders if statues came out when original stated (looks at Prime 1 Wonder Woman and Ciri...)

I do agree though it is easy to get sucked in. Having a solid annual budget is critical to reduce stress.
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When you are considering selling your current collection for a smaller scale because you can't keep up with the rest of the line. R.I.P Bane and Scarecrow.
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