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My Marvel Art..

Hello there. I've been a comics fan since 1974 when I asked for a copy of 'Cracker' (old UK 'funny' comic) and was misheard and given a copy of Dracula Lives instead. I also got into marvel via the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons, which i loved. I stopped collecting in the 90s, well, lots of people did. I started again a few years back, but my heart is really in those Marvels from 1963 to about 85.

I wanted to be a Marvel artist, and though it never happened, i am a professional artist now (and I've done a little bit of sculpting too, but nothing i was ever really that proud of), and if I may, here's a link to my website and a couple of pieces from it, plus links to where they can be bought as prints:

Hope you like 'em, and you see more over at
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Nice work!
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