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Originally Posted by Frayhor View Post
Like my avatar shows in very subtle ways, Domino is my favorite character and I already preordered the magnificent Sideshow PF.

I thought I will have preordered this one too in a heartbeat, because the figure is not too cheesy like most of the bishoujo line (it would have been my first mostly because of that) and also I really love that new costume, very original and colorful for this character, that is a welcome wind of change compared to her mercenary uniform she was wearing for decades now.

But since the first time I saw the blue color, it started bothering me and now the dark grey in the front instead of the white, I mean why ???? It's a recent costume and it has always been colored the same way if I'm not mistaken, I really don't understand this art direction decision.

And now my husband made these 2 modified versions with the right colors under Photoshop, one with the smooth white front and the other with a textured one (the 2 variants in the comics), and it's pushing me away even more from this piece, because with the right color scheme, it was simply stellar for me compared to the official pictures.
Yeah the grey threw me off, I was aware of the costume and was wondering why it wasn't a silver/pearl white instead. Not sure if they thought it may have been too much or we should just be taking this with a pinch of salt due to it being a prototype.
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