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Old 12-03-2019, 07:16 PM   #3991
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cancel cancel cancel!

so i can convert... lol
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Originally Posted by thecollector80 View Post replacement for the replacement. i did not even contact them about it.
So would be be up for selling the damaged headsculpt? PM me if possible. If not, I understand.
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Originally Posted by ukshaun View Post
Sideshow Collectibles appear to have been going through some form transitional period over the past year.
It's safe to assume they will never let on why.

1/4 scale PF prices have been rising?
Waitlist option changed to "free for all" (apparently)
Art prints re released with added diamond dust on sale at crazy high prices? ($4000.00)
Susan - dropped? (bad move)
The online store has had all sorts of oddities added, including Barbie style dolls on sale at high prices? (Wonder Woman is in the sale in anyone is interested?)
If you believe YouTuber's, Sideshow might be responsible for over inflated prices when it comes to Hot Toys figures.

All the above might be the result of loosing market share to the likes of Prime 1, XM Studios, and other companies all doing the same thing.

Sticking the statue theme, it begs the question: How many people collect this stuff? if XM Studio's MTO (made to order) is anything to go by, 999 units downwards appears to be the norm. It's normal for Sideshow to make many more units than this. Some pieces hang around for years, appearing in every sale. It paints a picture of quite a small customer base. With prices creeping up, that customer base is slowly being alienated (being priced out) or having to be more selective.

I can only speak for myself. I know for a fact i'm winding up my pre_orders. I will continue to follow the hobby. I see me limiting myself to one new piece per year. At the moment i have just 1x Prime 1x Sideshow 1x XM 1x HMO 3x Hot Toys on pre_order. Then i'm debt free

My 2020 transitional period might include hunting down some older pieces going for low prices collection lacks a HULK, Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Batman.
Ha Ha Understatement of the Year.
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