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What's another word for Thesaurus?
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I think neca nailed this better than ss tbh.
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The Hulk
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I wonder if the second batch could be produced without the seam.
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Green Goblin
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This is so sad. It's so bad.

How can SS let this be released?! Bad seam at the neck and bad seem at the jawline. Let's not mention the crappy sewing job on the emblem at the back of the cape.

The First SS Reeves Superman had an odd pose but the portrait was a bit better. This one, good pose but worse portrait.
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Originally Posted by nearmint View Post
I wonder if the second batch could be produced without the seam.
Not if it's a PVC head sculpt (which it is) on a polystone neck, as I suspect - not having done head and neck in a single PVC piece so that the seam would be hidden under the suit* is already a VERY sloppy move, but doing both head and neck as separate PVC pieces would be downright moronic.

* That's what Blitzway did with their 1/3 Game of Death Bruce Lee (back in 2013!) and their recent 1:4 The Way of the Dragon Lee statue. With their 1:3 Enter the Dragon Lee, however, they couldn't avoid the seam since it's a shirtless character, but even so they still managed to conceal it better.

Pic by wookster.
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This video popped up today.. seems like an honest review.

A Complete Disaster But I Kept It. I Know, I know.....

Fix the logo on the chest, change the cape for a cape with a better rear 'S' logo and add a high end custom portrait,
this could be a very cool piece.
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