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Doctor Doom
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+1 Joseph Mackie

He did a great commission for me and the turnaround time was very fast. Pricing is very reasonable too.
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+1 Clay Mann, did exactly what I wanted and then some for Baltimore CC. Everything done on time and awesome.
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+1 David Finch

+1 Charlie Adlard

+1 Amanda Conner

+1 Sara Richards

+1 Chrissie Zullo

+1 Michael Dooney

+1 Dave Hoover

All had great communication with me before the Baltimore CC setting up sketches or if I waited in line they were fantastic to talk to and stayed beyond show closing times to finish up sketches for people who waited.
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Old 09-15-2011, 09:02 PM   #124
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+1 Rick Veitch

Work was done in a few days, and looked great. He also went out of his way for me to work in a format he had not done previously. Definitely a laid back guy

+1 Bob Layton

Great communication. Once his schedule allowed him to get to my piece it was done in about half a week. The resulting product looked very professional. Extremely friendly

+1 Jim Valentino

I've gotten a number of pieces from him. Very accessible. Prices are good, and I have received some nice deals due to being a somewhat regular customer. I will email him asking for a commission, if he has time to do one we will exchange emails discussing the piece, and if he likes my idea he will send me a scribble of the piece (all within 24 hrs). Once my check is in his hands, the piece takes 2-3 days to complete.
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+1 Matt Fletcher

Great communication and fantastic piece

0 (can i do that?? if not -1) Koi Turnbull

I arranged a commission for pick up at NYCC 2010 and it arrived August 2011. Communication was sporadic and i was told it was shipped on a number of occasions when it hadn't.
He did an a could of print to the shipment to make up for the delay but there was hardly any packing material used so the piece got bashed up on shipping
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+1 Sunny Lee

I keep updating the guy with an idea, and he keeps pluggin' away with no complaints.

+1 Brian Shearer

Same situation

+1 Steve Sanchez

Again, same situation

Are the three artists listed above on this list yet? They really need to be, if not... they've been fantastic additions to the Statue Forum community, both as members here and as artists that really know how to please their customers. I love seeing the work they do for others as much as I love getting work done by them for me... and others.
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+1 Brad Walker

Great experience with him at NYCC last year getting a commission done, and he's been very receptive since then.
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Great artists for commissions

If you're looking for artists to commission who'll do outstanding work and whose prices are very reasonable, I've got a few to suggest. I've commissioned each one at least a dozen times and they've always delivered great commissions, have been very responsive and timely, and are very affordable. In no particular order:

+1 Val Semeiks -- One of the best kept secrets in commissioned art. He's done extensive work for Marvel and DC as the artist on such titles as THE DEMON, LOBO, DC ONE MILLION, LOBO THE DUCK, THE FLASH etc. A very pleasant gentlemen to deal with. You can contact him through his website

+1 Sal Velluto -- Another great veteran artists, noted for his long run on BLACK PANTHER as well as such titles as JUSTICE LEAGUE TASK FORCE, JSA, FIREBRAND and THE PHANTOM. Can't be topped for service, affordability, and gorgeous artwork. Can be contacted at

+1 Darryl Banks -- My most-commissioned artist for penciled pieces. Perhaps best known for his long-running tenure on GREEN LANTERN in the 90s. He's penciled over 25 commissions for me. You can reach him through his CAF gallery here:

+1 Bob Almond -- For penciled pieces needing INKING, Bob is your go-to guy. He's inked over 50 commissions for me. Outstanding inking, prices, and service -- the trifecta! He will make your penciled art SING! Can reach him through his website at

Let me make it clear that I'm not the art rep for any of these gentlemen. Just passing their names along to fellow commissioners looking for someone to do great art at great prices and give them the service they deserve.
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Power Cosmic
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+1 Brad Walker. Dude is pleasant to communicate with, and has a great interest in the subject matter that he draws, particularly cosmic stuff. Prices are fair, though have gone up a bit since he has gotten representation from splashpage.

+1 Wellinton Alves. Great communication. Took about 3 weeks from the date of my initial contact exploring a Galactus commission to receiving a scan of the final piece, all while he was doing art for Shadowland. Final piece was a double splash page featuring Galactus and Eternity with cosmic-y background. I asked him to add 3 "extra" elements (Galactus' ship in background, and 2 small heralds) that only increased the price marginally. Price for this was reasonable. He lives in Brazil so art had to be shipped via EMS. All in all great experience and will ask for a commission again.
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Here's my story...

-1 Jason Pearson

In September 2009 I met Jason at the Dallas Comic Con. He couldn't get to my comission so I gave him the $200 with the impression the piece would be done before he left and a mutual third party would get it to me. That soon turned into working on it back home and then weeks, months and Marvel projects went by. Now it's over two years. I was always assured the piece would be done but nothing so far. The last I heard from Jason was in November of 2010. My e-mails go unanswered now. I've asked for either the commission or my $200 back. No reply. This has really upset me because I've always been a fan of his work.
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