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Jedi Order
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-1 Gabe Dell'Otto - Was on his commission list for nearly 3 years. He missed deadline after deadline. He barely replied to e-mails too. What's worse is that midway through the wait, he brazenly raised the already agreed upon commission price by 25% and actually had the nerve to suggest he was doing me a favor. Like a moron, I accepted, as I believed he would come through eventually with something super. In the end, the commission wasn't even what I asked for. He never even tried to iron things out. In so many nice words, I told him where he could shove it. Arrogant putz with an ego the size of Jupiter.

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The Flash
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+1 Gene Gonzales - great communication and quick turnaround time. At the time his prices were also making the commissions attractive, he has gone up a little, but still in the affordable, reasonalble range for what you get

+1 Chris Stevens - poster here on the forum who knows how to treat the people who get artwork from him. Very pleased with the results (thanks Chris!) and will be attempting to get on his list again at some point in the future

+1 Bob McLeod - have commissioned two pieces from him (one via mail and one at HeroesCon). Both times resulted in a favorable transaction. Quality work (even for a 'con' sketch) in a timely fashion and very easy to deal with
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The Herculoids
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+1 Ryan Bodenheim - I had my Batman Over Gotham piece commissioned with him and he went above and beyond. I had prelim sketches within a couple days. It wasn't exactly what I envisioned, so we discussed a few other options. Another round of prelims that were perfect. Then a few weeks to get the whole piece completed. No issues what-so-ever, and just a great guy to deal with.
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+1 Chris Stevens - I have had 2 commissions done by Chris. Both turned out great.

+1 Whilce Portacio - One of my favorite artists. I have gotten 3 commissions from him with absolutely no problems. His wife Jo is a pleasure to deal with. A+

+1 Ron Frenz - Very professional. The commission came out great and was delivered on time.

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+1 Jonboy Meyers.

Great guy to deal with and after getting a commission at SDCC I ended up getting another and am still in touch with him now. Trying to get another sorted out.
Great turn around and coms alround.

+1 Drew Charipar

Got 3 pieces from him and he through a sketchbook in free.
Been waiting a little while for my latest stuff. But good at communication and happy to wait
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- 1 Anthony Castrillo
I paid him for 3 pieces that were to be viewed as one larger piece over 2 years ago. Endless emails and excuses later still no art. I asked for a refund about 1 year ago, he said "okay" but never sent money. When I pressured him about it he said he could get the art done in the next month and would add a piece for free. Again, I asked him for a refund back in October '09, nothing. I've most recently asked him for some original pages that I can sell on eBay. He has respnded he will send pages for me to sell. We'll see.
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This is a brilliant idea. I'll stick with my recent purchases as I'm sure we could each list a 100 names:

-1 Buzz - My story is almost the same as everyone else. Finished a piece, I'd paid for it and then I waited a yr and a half. It was a surprise when it showed up. I enjoy the piece but I will never deal with him again.

+1 Al Rio - His dealer was really pleasant, even worked with me on the price. Great art fast shipping to boot!!

+1 Bob Layton - Another man of his word with me. Fast and timely and he too even came down on his price.

I'll come up with some more later.
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The Batfan
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+1 Gene Gonzales great guy to deal with have gotten 8 pieces from him at a couple of cons very good rates
+1 Christ Stevens well hes just a super great guy to deal with and a awesome artist
+1 Drew Charipar drew has done about 42 pieces for me super great prices and even better art and hes a stand up guy I always had good communications with drew and art was done fast for me
+1 Yildray CInar wow just an outstanding person to deal with from start to finish, Beautiful art responsible rate for what you get, his communications are great he asks for your ideas
+1 Dick Giordano One of the best batman artists ever and a really great guy a true legend of the DC world. great to deal with very good communications pretty fast in the time it took to get the art
-1 Sean Shaw nothing but lies and excuses he's a con circuit artist alley guy paid for art still nothing almost a year later no longer answers emails
+ 1 Chris Mason great guy awesome to deal with great artwork he runs a few website but is also a great artist very resonable rates for the art you get also excellent communications
-1 Jason von eden took over 2 years to finally get art from, finally got it and was not what I had asked for ( read story in the art story area)
-1 Rags Morales took forever to get art, paid for 2 pieces but only got one said he did not remember me paying for 2 ( story in art stories)
-1 Mario Chavez guy from deviant art whose art I had liked for a while decided to get pieces from, just very unprofessional to deal with when I told him I was not pleased with the art (there is a thread on this one too)
+1 freddie williams III great artist great to deal with he did me a double splash page piece very reasonable rates for the art you get and very good communications back and forth
+1 Andy Price great guy and a great artist over the years andy has done about 10 pieces for me great rates, communication skills back and forth during the work is awesome
+1 Dustin Nguyen what can I say one of the best artists to deal with hes a great guy and his art is just amazing, communication skills during and after the art are great
+1 Tracey Lee Quinn artist from deviant art she is doing me 7 pieces right now the first 2 are beautiful great communication and great prices
+1 Ron Lim got a piece thru Drew, the art work has not arrived yet but the scan was beautiful, very fast turnaround and reasonable rate for the quality you get

with over 1000+ commissions/con pieces under my belt in the last 20 years I have lots of people I could post dunno who all to list lol
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42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
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- 1 Jim Maddox
Been discussed here at SF before. A nightmare commission project that collided with some personal stuff JM was dealing with. JM promised to resolve it but to-date I've gotten no complete resolution and only about 20% of the agreed commission. JM's a nice guy, does fantastic work, but he really flaked on me. I think this commission is going on 3 years now.
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Death is hereditary.
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Oh, recent experience!!

-1 Ray Dillon - If I could put -10000000 I would. As mentioned on another thread, prick, douche bag, late, lies, excuses and Paypal dispute. That sums up my experience with Ray.
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