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-1 - Whilce Portacio - I've had one of the RARE bad experiences with Whilce - basically, he gave my commission away at a convention - just as I arrived at his table to pay for it.
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Baron Zemo
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+1 Ron Lim quick turnaround and exactly what I wanted. One of my favorite commissions.
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+1 Frank Quitely Could not meet a nicer person and it's a shame he does not do more cons

+1 Fred Hembeck Delightful e-mails and was kind enough to give me a discount on my 3 cover redos

+1 Steve Rude Eventually decided to do my Nightwing commish just as I decided that I wanted a rocketeer instead(only does characters he likes). Always a pleasure dealing with him and his wife. Got a brilliant Nexus charcoal sketch chucked in for $50 when buying comics

+1 Ethan Van Sciver did a brilliant inked Impulse sketch for nothing when I sent some comics off to be signed. Bought my first page from him for virtually nothing

+1 Mick Gray Great guy. really friendly. Gave me a free page of art from Promethea #2 just for assembling artwork from Promethea #12

+1 J.H. Williams III Another great guy who I bought artwork from along with Mick

+1 Adam Hughes Still new to the game, I was foolish to pass an offer of $45(or thereabouts) for a full body sketch, but he was kind enough to do me a face sketch for free

+1 Joe Quesada Pre Marvel EIC, Joe Q did a cool NW sketch but did not know what nightwing looked like!!!!

+1 Marcelo Frusin Through a friend, I was lucky enough to get a free sketch of Hellblazer that to this day remains one of my faves

+1 Dave Dorman A great person. Always has plenty of time for his fans

+1 Randy Bowen Was kind enough not to just sign my comics and Madman trading card that I sent to him, but to also do a sketch on the back of the card

-1 Joe Madureira Was the only artist at the one time I went to Megacon who refused to do a sketch for me and just continued talking to Tim Townsend and Brandon Peterson
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Suicide Squad
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+1 Dick Giordano has done a couple of pieces for me and both times he turned them around in 2-3 weeks. Very easy to deal with and I was pleased with the results.
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+ 1 Chris Stevens - quick to reply and very fast, good pricing for the quality of work.

+ 1 Paul Green - kept me updated and emailed me pretty much every little change to make sure I was happy. Took about 3 weeks from start to finish, price is ok considering he works in GBP.
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+1 Alex Sinclair - 5 con pieces and multiple personal ones and never an issue. GReat work from water colors to pencil's. very talented artist and a great guy to deal with.

+1 Norman Lee great inker and very good artist as well. 3 pieces so far and will get more from him for sure.

+1 Sean Chen - could not finish at the heroes con but got it done afterward and was just stunned at the detailing. Norman inked this one.

+1 Eric Powell - goon artist - great guy and did a superb venom sketch for me when we where just BS at NYCC

+1 Chris McJunkin - cool new artist. Meet at Heroes this past year. have already gotten a few pieces. never late. listens and his packaging for shipping is just nuts.

more to come later.
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+1 Cully Hamner - Great guy. Totally professional. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

+1 Art Baltazar - Not the fastest ever, but great communication and very humble. Plus, it was pretty inexpensive, so I wasn't too worried.
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+1 John Byrne- From start to finish, one of the most professional commissioning experiences ever. Warden also packs the art like Fort Knox.

+1 Whilce Portacio- Incredibly nice to deal with, and art delivered on time. Again, one of the best commissioning experiences I've had.

+1 David Finch- The piece takes a while to get, but they tell you that up front, so you go into it knowing the wait will be a while. The result is always worth it.

+1 Pat Broderick- One of the nicest artists I've dealt with. No rep. No fuss. He really aims to please.

+1 Scott Kolins- Amazing artist, fast as hell. Highly recommended
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The Batfan
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+1 Aaron Lopresti reasonable rates great communication turn around was like a month this was a few years ago
+1 Mike Decarlo great prices,excellent communication fast turn around I think all 3 pieces were done inside a month
+1 Pablo Marcos great communication, easy to deal with turn around time was a month or so price was good for the art quality you get
+1 Frank Brunner great communication, resolvable rate for the quality of art you get, took about 2 months to get art from start to finish
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Frank J
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+1 Yildiray Cinar

Fantastic commission experience!
Communicates quickly, openly & friendly, works astoundingly fast, price is right & the finished product is beautiful.
Sent me a jpeg of a finished 2-character piece 3 days after I first contacted him!
Hope to acquire more pieces from him.
Couldn't recommend him more.
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