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Silas Loki
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As usual the problem lies with the supply & demand equation. The shipping company is greedy (who knew?) - but here's the thing - we're the ones fuelling that greed. We pay, they raise the costs, we pay - the cycle repeats.

The simple answer is, stop paying. This will not only wake up the shipping companies, but also the statue producers - it will send a strong message right the way through the supply chain.

Now let's be clear - me NOT buying a statue isn't going to change much of relieves my personal situation, as I'm no longer part of that cycle of greed. That's all anyone can do - don't try to start a crusade, just fix your own backyard. Of course, when enough people take this attitude, things WILL change......."supply and demand".

The real question is - what to do with your hobby in the meantime. I mean, what kind of statue collector NEVER buys a statue? My answer is to move from being an end customer to being a creator. I will use the money I save NOT buying Statues to buying my own equipment, investing in my own design and production skills, and tailor making the exact pieces I want in my collection. So, not only am I no longer a slave to the (obvious) industry greed, I'm also no longer a slave to their product selection choices, their design choices, their lack of quality, their poor customer service......etc etc. In short, I plan to redefine my purchase & pray hobby, as it stands today, and embark on a real hobby journey.

If you want, you can do this too.
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