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Yeah, I spend WAY too much time here!
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I don't think there's anything generic about this piece. I think it's fantastic.
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Beautiful statue no doubt but I feel its overpriced. Also wish SS put the talented Kuchareks on a more meaningful project - have you seen their XM hulkbuster?!? Would've loved to see their take on Batman over the final product we got. Or a 1/4 Cable.
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Once the in hand images start appearing, only then can i decide to buy or not. If the production pieces look close to the prototype, then i will buy this for sure. I'm not bothered if i miss out on an ex, as the ex fails to interest me. I would have prefered it if more metal was on show as an EX
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Originally Posted by crimsinwing1989 View Post
You pic rebel over sonja....i'm disappointed, and here i pegged you for a man of exquisite taste.
Originally Posted by French Cancan View Post
I can hear your disappointment.
Red Sonja: the grace of the antique goddess, the perfection of the curve, the savagery of the panther, the quintessence of the hero, of the woman.
The rebel: scrap metal with scary red eyes glowing in the dark.

I seriously doubt that our beloved Queen forgives him this insult.
Haha! Much respect to you guys and of course for your tastes! Taste to be even considered in the realm of exquisite I take as a compliment if even for a fleeting moment.

It may take a village to make a piece, but it only takes a beholder to see the beauty in it. Here's how I would explain this interesting departure in interest for me with the Rebel PF. Step into your collection room or wall or whatever holds your art. Scan the room. You will see a sea of characters that blend your themes and express your passions but it MIGHT be missing that wait, WTF moment of pause. Like the business suit hiding that tattoo of Stitch (Disney). Like the soccer mom that sky dives on the weekends. When I envision this piece in my collection I pause. WTF. That babe is sexy during the day, and Terminates at night.

This will be a buy for me.
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A closed mouth gathers no foot.
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I find this piece to be both alluring and disturbing. It's evocative of not only the Terminator franchise but also a miriad of cybernetic femme fatales from 1986's "The Annihilator" to Ghost in the Shell to Ex Machina with a nice dose of 80's future chic.

I don't think that she would fit seamlessly into Cameron's 1984 film because if it was her who busted through the door of Reese's future hideout I seriously doubt that she'd be sporting make-up and designer jeans. She looks more like a Terminator who went back in time and is trying to blend in with 80's fashions.

And do you know what, I'm actually fine with that. As I said this piece is just evocative in all the right ways, IMO. And not gratuitously so. She isn't overly gory nor is she in silly lingerie or a bikini. Just the right balance of form, function, and classic 80's sci-fi tropes. The fact that she's also a licensed Terminator collectible is just icing on the cake.
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True, but Arnold wouldn't exactly make a good infiltration model either, in a world where humans live on rats and canned dog food. He looks like he eats 3 entire chickens a day lol.
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A closed mouth gathers no foot.
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Originally Posted by Indomitus View Post
Interesting theory.

I prefer the Babenator.
For the record, I also prefer the "Babenator". I like the "undamaged" head sculpt as well and am glad that they are including that one as the EX option.
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