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Zombies Of Mora Tau - 1957 (6/10) The older I get & discover or rediscover these old horror chestnuts, the more I see how they subtly influenced modern horror. There's no way George Romero did not see & love this movie. You see Night Of The Living Dead all over it. Swank gang of treasure seekers follow a long line of murdered treasure seekers searching for sunken treasure on the island of Mora Tau. Zombie protectors guard the treasure. Really, some great visual moments & tons of campy, 1950's fun.

The Werewolf - 1956 (7/10) Before the Universal horror movies made the jump to free-syndication in the late 50's (not anymore), American Boomer kids had never seen the Wolfman movies. Along came this film & it really was the introduction of werewolf mythology on pop-culture film. Honestly, this film was pretty damn good. The werewolf in this one wasn't bitten. He became a wolfman on account of 2 bad scientists trying to come up with a serum that would protect survivors of a nuclear war against extreme odds like strong animals would in the wild!?! Go figure. Needless to say, he looks great. He lurks in the mountains of California w/ their snow & lumberjacky citizens. His make-up is great for the time & there are actually a few scary moments.

If you're a fan of the old stuff, both these movies are well worth a watch.

* Both films are best viewed after or while enjoying a couple of belts.
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Halloween (2018) - 7.5/10 (I wasn't blown away, the movie didnt have any of the suspense of the original, but its still better than most of the other halloween sequels)

Venom - 6.5/10 (this movie just felt awkward, I cant get over the venom without spidey thing, if it wasnt for the china audience I think this movie would have tanked)

Intruder - 8/10 (this was one of those really fun horror movies with an entertaining setting - a supermarket, it even has a really short cameo from none other than bruce campbell)

Village of the Damned - 6/10 (it was fun seeing Christopher Reeves in a non-superman role though)

They Live - 7/10 (what did I watch? one of the strangest movies I've ever seen, good 80's fun)

Nightmare Beach - 7/10 (most of the acting was just horrendous but there was something oddly really fun about this late 80's horror gem)

Super Troopers 2 - 7/10 (fun movie, being Canadian I liked the US/Canada border rivalry in the movie, and I thought the people playing the "canadians" were really funny)
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