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Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
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I've been checking in on this game every few weeks and I'm not 100 percent sold yet. On the surface and from what I've read/watched everything seems fine, but this is the same pattern emerging when leading up to SF5's release.

I learned my lesson with that game, so this will be a hard ""wait and see" for at least a few weeks until the dust settles.
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The Dark Knight
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Street Fighter... I have alot of nostalgia when it comes to Street Fighter as an Arcade kid back in the day. I also like to follow whatever Udon prints as Street Fighter OHCs.

I was reading Street Fighter Classic, vol. 3 OHC just a few munites ago. (: I have no hurry to play the Street Fighter 6 though, i will probably wait until Ultra Street Figher 6 or whatever kind of complete version of the game with all the characters come out.
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