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Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
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Originally Posted by CyberSteak View Post
I have an order in for Sub and Scorp also. As well as Ultra Bison.

They swapped factories with Sub and Scorp. The other factory apparently was dragging their feet on it. BUT...this new factory was suppose to have both pumped out by the second quarter of this year. That didn't happen. And now Sub is delayed for a whole year from now? Ugh.

So undecided on whether to keep my orders. Just kind of worried that corners are going to be cut and we get sub-par pieces. Highly considering just ditching the orders and if the pieces come out looking great, pick them up on the aftermarket.

Oh and here's another thing I don't get. Bison actually had his date bumped up. Why are new pieces being produced ahead of older ones?
Maybe because they are at different factories or have had varying separate challenges?
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U talkin' to me?
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I'm now curious about the refund policy, does it apply to old POs that have been delayed in shipping or pretty much anything can be refunded old or new?

My 1/3 Evil Ryu has been lost in transition and I'm no longer excited about it

Originally Posted by Doctor Doom View Post
I would agree with this if SS wasn’t running the Mothership now....I’m sure they will see to it that the ordered pieces either get delivered or refunded.
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